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  1. Im still alive... What am I doing ? Well.... Converted the breaks to Ibiza Cupra ones all round... More camber in the back, 3cm wider front fenders... And the most important thing...inside its getting all new including seats and trunk...covered in red leather... Oh...and more Carbon of course Some pics soon
  2. Mk4 seats fit into the lupo as they are. The TT seats need a bit work cause u need to bolt them onto a lupo console (same ones u use for bucket seats e.g)
  3. Im using them as a doubld spring kit with main and helper spring. Helper spring just provides the main spring from falling out of its position when rebounded.
  4. Im also on instagram... Username is staticlo
  5. No chance doing this, i would need wider front fenders because i already can barely turn my steering wheel more than 1/2 round. Front camber is also at the absolute limit with 2mm space between spring and rim. Fitment is everything for me, its as close-fitting as possible on rear axle that people think im on bags cause you only got a milimeter between tyre and arch/bumper. Thats why people were laying down under my car last weekend... I dont now what specifications my rear springs have, all i know is that they only got 3 windings and they are the stiffest possible ones with absolutely no compression while driving. Cause of my favor for fitment, thats the only way to roll
  6. A snapshot how low i was rolling on MIVW Event last weekend....no cops so no problems doing this I hope there are some cool pics coming round within the following days, cause ive seen lots of people taking pictures of it.
  7. I would use MK6 GTI seats, black leather with red seams...would fit perfectly with the steering wheel.
  8. Also did this sanding wheel thing with my mini wheels, works excellent. Takes about 10 minutes for 4 wheels.
  9. Here. Only really low Coils are from KW, specific deep series by gepfeffert.com. Able to drop the car for about 150mm, i got some facts and pictures about the rear axle springs in another thread here. So just search for it
  10. Well, first drive in 2014 yesterday. Also first car meeting and first shooting at an old military base.
  11. Nearly ready to go... Only a few things on my 'to-do-list' left, but i'm not confident like always with the result. (Don't worry, that's typically for me..) Already got plans (and some parts...) for next winter....massive breaks,a bit more power and all new interieur.
  12. Shorter springs are just a solution if u want to go a bit lower on the rear, because if you use much shorter springs they just fall out, in worst case while driving. So, the best solution for the rear axle is a double spring system (main and helper spring like mounted at front axle), helper spring provides that the main spring falls out and keeps the tension on the main spring when lifting up the rear. To make it more perfect, you can let rebound the rear shocks. Here a pic of mine, KW uses the same system in their clubsport coilover series: If u are interested: u should calculate with about 250 pds incl. shipping.
  13. The plan is to start the rebuild of the car in about 2-3 weeks, so it should be finished till easter.
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