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  1. Mk2, thanks for the link. I will try that. The G 060726 A2 (Thanks Lupogtiboy) is a 75/90 GL4 spec oil and that linked oil is a combined GL4/5 spec due to additives so useful (I can put it in my jimny gear box and diffs too) thanks for your combined help all.
  2. Thanks for all your help. I have ordered the black rubber looking double one. What transmission oil grade would you recommend for the 3L. 75/80 or 80/90? Mine is a year 2000 model with just 178k miles on it. Hardly run in....
  3. Great, I have just ordered one. Many thanks!
  4. Thanks Lupogtiboy, Sausage and Rab. Do any of you happen to have the part number for the rubber blanks to cover the holes? I could probably plug them with corks or similar if required.
  5. Hello all, I have decided that I should probably change the gear box oil on my 3L having not done so since 2013 minimum. It has the 085 box. What oil is recommended? Some say the 75/90 is too thick? Also, my gear box is missing the inspection plugs for what looks like 2 holes with a large toothed gear visible through the larger hole. I want to plug the holes to clean the engine/ gb so I can identify where it is leaking oil from. It is currently very dirty and has been since 2013. any assistance appreciated.
  6. Rich, do you reckon the ball with thread may have pulled out of the link then? I will give it a brushing this evening.
  7. Hello all, I have been running a 2001 imported 3L since 2013 and have been told by the MOT centre that the front drop links have too much play and require replacing. These are plastic and different to the standard lupo version. My issue is that my ones push directly onto the ends of the anti roll bar ends but all diagrams I can find show a bolt that screws directly into the end of the anti roll bar. I can only find a threaded version of the drop link online. Do any 3L owners out there know if there was a version of anti roll bar that just plugs into the drop link?
  8. That is very helpful indeed. Thank you. The VW price for the items is a lot more than the eBay kit but I guess that buys peace of mind. My engine is an ANY. Do you know if the service interval is 40k miles for this task? I have added some pics!
  9. Hello all, I am new to posting on the forum so thought I would introduce myself. I have been driving a UK registered Lupo 3L for the last 3 years, covering about 36k miles. The car is a year 2000 model and has covered about 160k miles. It gets an average of 81 mpg. The timing belt is overdue for a change but I have not been able to find vw part numbers for a kit that includes the water pump parts. There are kits on eBay but I do not know if they would meet the same VAG standards. Any assistance with part numbers appreciated.
  10. Hello all, I am new to posting on the forum but have found it a very useful resource over the past few months. I have owned a 3L in the UK for about 3 years and had very few issues with it. It gives an average 80.2 mpg but has gone as high as 96 mpg. I suspect the timing belt change is well over due and have found kits including the water pump on eBay. I would prefer to order direct from VW but do not have part numbers. Can anyone assist with the Vw numbers for a cam belt change kit including the water pump belt? Are the kits on eBay any good? any info much appreciated.
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