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  1. Yer I think ill go for cataclean, seems to be a lot of good things said about it. No fault codes came up today when plugged in. don't know if to do the lambda just incase
  2. What the hell are those two posts above?? anyway, yer that sounds like a plan, i was thinking redex also, is that almost the same stuff? EDIT turns out was spam, nice one moderators on getting it removed so quick
  3. Hi Guys, My 1.4 T reg Lupo just failed its MOT on emmisions, Here are the results, if anyone can point me where to start that would be brilliant. it is also burning oil so thinking possibly head gasket? or could it be the lambda sensor making it burn oil? Fast Idle: CO =< 0.3% 0.70% FAIL HC =< 200 ppm 345 ppm FAIL Lambda 0.97 - 1.03 1.059 FAIL Second Fast Idle again FAILED on the same sort of figures but it PASSED on Natural Idle test. As I say any help appriciated!
  4. Come on guys, someone must be able to help me please???
  5. Hi guys I know this is fairly common but bit of advice please. The missis has just bought a 99 plate lupo. It has central locking. Basically the drivers door lock wont lock the car, infact it wont twist in the lock direction. It will however unlock the whole car! Also if I try and lock it from the passenger side it dosent lock the drivers side! And when I sit in the car and press the lock button it locks the drivers door but the passenger side locks then unlocks? First questiob is it the actual barrel that stops the drivers lock from locking the car? Second question why dosent locking the c
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