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  1. Will try that tomorrow but still trying to find a lupo gti speedo diagram as it's different for a standard speedo hopefully this is the last of the issues and it will be on its wheels next week
  2. Back to it again and yet another loom issue, this time the speedo the rev counter works no speedo!! Looks like everything out job to correct may as well have just done the loom to start
  3. Got it going now thanks for all the help the 6 wires was wired wrong managed to sort it out as we only do it on a Thursday and Saturday hence why not on here often due to work to reply had a issue with the heaters as well just rebuild and see what else we hit then will add some pictures on here Friday to show how the build is going
  4. Trying to find the lupo gti ecu wiring diagram or throttle pedal diagram but can't find that one any where, need to see what the wires are on the throttle pedal side just to confirm it's wrong
  5. It's turning into a ball ache now so far it looks like the throttle wires are wrong there not matching the throttle pedal side looks like 2 wires are wrong so far just going through the checks on the diagrams we have printed off
  6. Been away back to the car now found that the 62 pin was not fully pushed in so now have power and can start the car but no throttle response Checked the voltage on the throttle body only 5v going to it anybody got any ideas looks like its loom related but any help would be great thanks
  7. Printed that off yesterday got spare bam loom here as well so that will help as well
  8. It's the bam engine and loom we are running I thought I added that above 😂
  9. Anybody got a diagram for the ecu plug?
  10. Having fuel pump issues with the conversion start with a breakdown with where I am Both looms where sent off and ecu for immobiliser delete that was a while ago as the project was not started for a while Loom fitted ecu fitted Engine all fitted and connected Pipe work fitted but no water in pipes This is where we are stuck then we put the earth back on the the brake lights stay on and the pump will only work when the door is open it pre primes When you turn the ignition on no pump Car will just turn over but want fire no power to the following To coil packs Injectors Throttle body And pump to the ignition Cannot get into the ecu via the odb port or the airbag system only the abs Changed and checked every relay We where thinking ECU issue any idea's as we are just going round in circles
  11. Mr

    Lupo( SOLD)

    I had the wings passenger is available
  12. Looking for O/S wing & O/S Hub (6 speed)
  13. Thanks just got hold of him drivers side gone gutted
  14. Having a nightmare trying to locate a front wing & a hub for my GTi anybody know of any!!!!!
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