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  1. Details: 16x6.5 Bora steels ET42 Adaptors are 20mm, to fit a 4x100 car. 165/40 tyres with very healthy tread, one has a pretty nasty cut in it however I was told at a tyre place that it was "ok", however I'd get a second opinion.. Located at HR9, Photos on my car 8-) I think these would look insane on a polo/lupo/mk1 and 2... Having the tiny tyres and decent offset you can tuck these on anything. 250
  2. hi are g60s still for sale? if so can you bell me on 07909547659, cheers brett.

  3. Hello, some of you might remember me, some might not... but this is my new toy Missing the good laugh i had in my old lupo so i might be on the market for another little project soon. anyway, this is my Rado VR6... 210bhp and handful of torque. Newest set of wheels... BBS CH's, and the Rado chilling out with my daily winter ride.. Cheers, Marty
  4. Nice lupo with a nice girl inside, we had a little high speed bonding session and then she left me.
  5. Cheers guys, yeah the latest one is a real weapon but sadly just doesn't work with living in london... a lupo would though Plan is run this for a while until i find a decent lupo... fantasia green time!
  6. I hope so matey, you sound determined so i know its in good hands, I must admit it is very sad looking at the pea in this current state....
  7. Hello all, long time... i thought i'd post up my newest ride. I've just moved to london so it's a possiblity i might be looking for another lupo Anyway, In the last 4 months i've bought all of these bog standard... spent money of them... And then sold them. sigh I sold the Cupra and bought this... then made it look a bit tougher Sold the mk3, bought a 1.6 driver with 36k on the clock... beige everything And my current ride.... a mk2 stealth running a 2.0 16v @ 165bhp I want another green lupo! the search will begin in october when funds float in.. So.., cheers Marty
  8. No the mk2 looked like this Lupo looked good but never seen the mk1? Good to see some local dubbers
  9. Spotted a GTI in silver running Ronal turbo's in Hereford yesterday.... Anyone on here? I was driving a mk2.
  10. Hospital records and commercial suicide records.... everything else is gash in my eyes.
  11. Happy belated birthday and Lala is looking good
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