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  1. I would be interested, as i am about to put my subaru impreza up for sale in 2 weeks time
  2. hi, sorry for the extremely late reply! I'm still searching for a lupo/arosa 1.4 tdi. Also expanded my search now to cover corsa1.3cdti's too!! I've still got my Subaru. Amazing car it is! Full STI replica, but modified/tuned and is faster than an STI! Sitting at 280bhp.
  3. I have an arosa sport rear bumper, only fitted to my car once for about ten minutes, then removed.
  4. Hi, 3 years after selling my arosa 1.0, I'm back looking for a lupo/arosa 1.4tdi as a daily run around. Currently driving a Subaru Impreza WRX STI which I want to start saving for weekends and have a cheap economical daily runaround £30 a year tax, good mpg, etc etc. Have a budget of around £1500 currently. Would I get anything decent for this price?
  5. I have a new Arosa sport rear bumper if your interested? Bought it brand new from ebay 2 years ago for my 1ltr arosa, fitted it once, but took it off due to the 1ltr huge spare wheel well! Its been primed. Kept it in my house ever since!
  6. As above + electric windows (if your lupo will have these). Regulators failing can be a nightmare!
  7. LEDs... What I did was, buy led number plate bulbs and I also bought 8smd led sidelight bulbs. Look really nice at night
  8. I got that exhaust, but the 3" twin version fitted on my 1litre, but had to get it fitted just below the bumper
  9. I paid for the labour and got it done by a local garage
  10. It was a nightmare!! At one point, I felt like smashing the car up - I had just passed my test!! I bought a brand new one from my local seat dealer for round about £43
  11. Hi. Ive had the same problem in my 1litre arosa! My pedal box broke, so i got it welded. Started to creak again, and 3 weeks later it broke again. No point welding - i had to buy a new one. Then 3 weeks after that, my clutch cable snapped
  12. No point due to the huge spare wheel well on the 1litres. Ive experienced it! I bought an arosa 1.4 16v sport bumper, fitted it and realised that all you see behind the centre exhaust hole is metal!!! Now ive got a brand new spare rear back bumper lying in my garage for sale!
  13. Yeh, sounds good. Just let me know whenever
  14. I bought the sportex 3'' double centre exit for my mk2 arosa. Fitted perfectly
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