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  1. Hello, I am quite new to the modification scene and wanted a bit of advise. I want to make my car sound louder but not too loud and I have heard that Sportex exhausts are good for this. After looking around they sound pretty nice and I have decided that I'd like to buy this. It is to fit my Seat Arosa mk2 1.4 MPI however after looking under the back, i noticed that the standard exhaust points to the left ( into the Wheel well ). This has made my curious on to how the exhaust would even fit as I have the standard bumper which ahs no outlet hole ( idk what it's called ). The backbox tip looks too long and would touch the bumper or wouldn't fit properly.. has anyone got this exhaust and have any picture of it fitted? I am just asking because I don't want to spend £120 on buying it for it not to fit and perhaps not get a return. Thanks in advance.
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