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  1. Called the people that mapped it and they will return it to standard for free cheers Yeah but the price put me off in the end as it was quite alot more for the same millage a remap is on the cards so will be around 170bhp
  2. Going down the diesel route this time, Fabia VRS want something less fuel hungry Its from a Fiat dealer so they wont have anyway of flashing the ecu Will check what the company that mapped it say too
  3. Thanks, i don't think i will tell them then Will take off any other mods i can sell and just leave the exhaust & engine mods..
  4. Hi all, I'm thinking of trading in my car, It has some engine mods mainly a 60bhp increase... The dealer doesn't know this, do i have to tell them about the mods or should they check the car before agreeing to any deal as i dont want them ringing me up weeks after the deal has been done. Thanks
  5. I'm surprised with the abs, don't think mine has ever locked up on the ring it felt like it was coming on to early... The power delivery could be changed with a remap i reckon, 25mpg you must be driving it hard had 36mpg today on a longer drive...
  6. Look like a minter nice one I get condensation in my lights too.. What you think to the standard handling, brakes etc ?
  7. Ah thats a pain, like you say must be a work around quality looks good i like the mounting place.. Umm the engine lol, brakes, suspension oh and seat's that dont destroy my back
  8. no way of running it off the car cigarette lighter then ? Are they on youtube too ? yeah the mic is seperate and was mounted in the car on the door pillar all runs off the cigarette lighter, ummm think i ended up doing 5, of of them in the wet not much fun too slippery...
  9. IMO its handles well yeah rear arb is a Whiteline adjustable for a polo 9n mk4 02-06 Yeah that's my video not a fast lap but wasn't up for wreaking my car lol This is how the camera was mounted, bought a new fog light and took to bits Bullet camera, wired upto an archos dvr plus a small camera on the rear seat for the internal video
  10. Good news bet looking forward to that.. Standard shocks and springs, but its got a rear arb fitted and front strut brace handles better than my lupo without the harsh ride of coilovers Well my mk3 ibiza was 205 bhp and that timed 6.2 at a show, would guess this is a bit faster with the extra 35bhp.... not alot tho as its alot harder to get the power down lol
  11. Umm, was all the previous owner looking at the paperwork its had... Stage 2 remap £295 - p.torque.co.uk plus i think you need these parts with the remap, Milltek hi-flow turbo-back exhaust - £338 Forge silicone turbo intake pipe - Forge 007P closed loop diverter valve - £99
  12. I haven't got the brembo brakes, Mine has 4pot AP racing Callipers with 312mm discs, i think they are the standard setup Very happy with these tho works great on the road and no fading on the nurburgring
  13. lol good choice any mods on it yet or you tunning it up ? So far no problems with mine at all mate not sure what the common problems are really, seatcupra.net is a very good site. You will miss the GTi's headlights
  14. Ah shame mate is a nice lupo i kinda miss mine sometimes, deffo the mpg haha What you planning on getting instead ???
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