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  1. My mum's 2004 bug is an 201k and only just had a clutch. Never had an issue with it and it's been well and truly abused. If I ever get a diesel, a PD engine will the way to got, they're bomb proof.
  2. They get so much love and hate off so many people, even had one guy come up to me waning to buy them once! At the minute she's broken and awaiting a new sump and clutch which should be getting fitted tomorrow!
  3. Moves the driveshaft, there's one bolt that's proving really hard to get to in the bell housing. Such a silly design
  4. Turns out a bit of metal had snapped in the selector box, all is well now with the addition of a washer! Aha
  5. Smashed my sump yesterday on my Arosa Sport, got most of the bolts out and used a ball ended Allen key, but it looks like the gearbox is in the way? Anybody have elsawin and can send me a pic of how it comes off or any tips as to how to get it off? Cheers
  6. After having two Lupos, I've now moved onto an Arosa! It's a 1.4 16v Sport and it's in a very strange colour, Bola Green. Since I've got the car: Give it a half arsed clean Stuck Lupo rear lights on New HU Sub Roof rack Wind deflectors I got some cheap coilovers, refurbed them and put them on. BBS RW This is the small amount of progress I've made so far, got a lot of plans, just a case of when I put them into action! The day I picked it up Half arsed clean it gets every so often Coilovers I got that had well and truly seized and spent hours refurbing. And how it's sitting at the moment!
  7. The bulbs are soldered on within he clocks I think. The easiest way may be to get a set of Lupo clocks from a scrapper as they're blue when lit up. Could maybe even swap the clock fascias. Removing the clocks, you just unscrew the binacle, pull it out, then unscrew the clocks and pull them out, very easy. As for the heater dials, they have red filters, so a different coloured bulb wouldn't do anything, so again you can either rip it apart and remove/replace the filters or get the Lupo ones!
  8. My Arosa Sport has decided to start playing up. It has issues selecting gears, 1st and 2nd are difficult to engage, whilst reverse engages a forward gear! The gearstick feels a bit loose The box looks like it has leaked a bit of oil in the past The bit is very low The clutch pedal sits slightly lower than the brake I've tried to check for a twist/issue on the pedal box but can't see any issues. Also before last night, the gearbox was smooth and quiet, never thrown any issues. Wondering if anyone could throw me a few tips? Cheers!
  9. If you're on coils, take the rear adjusters out, then you'll be low! Looking good though, should get some Lupo lights on the back, made all the difference on mine!
  10. G60 brakes should be ok. As for the driveshafts, I'd imagine you'd have to get some made. Wiring, it'll require you to remove the loom that's currently in the car and splice it with the loom that belongs to the V5 engine, there are companies that do this. A V5 engine conversion isn't the best place to start learning, you'll undoubtly have a lot of niggles/problems, you'll need a lot of tools, patience and parts fabricating, such as engine mounts and what not. But good luck if you go ahead!
  11. It's a genuine shame you drilled them in too! Aha Did you get a refund?
  12. Sorry to tell you mate, but they're definitely the wrong speaker rings. The ones I had lined up with the old holes and were thinner, so they'd sit behind the door card.
  13. Did you have to drill new holes? Looking at the eBay ad, they've sent you the wrong ones.
  14. Those adaptors look completely different to the ones I've seen, looks like the 3 bolt Vauxhall fitment? I'd bin them tbh and get some more, they're too wide and the wrong fittings by the looks of things.
  15. Shame you're getting rid, seems really nice! Is it safe jetwashing the engine bay? I wanna clean mine, just very wary!
  16. They should've made the gauges like that in the first place, look sooo much nicer!
  17. Some good progress on this, looking really nice!
  18. That's probably more worrying as to why it sometimes won't start! Seems to only do it when it's been warm or cooling down, from cold it's fine.
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