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  1. yeah im gonna start a build thread when the weather stops pissing down so i can actually mod it haha! yea good to meet ya even if it was a pain staking 4 hour drive there and 6 hours home -.- haha
  2. that is one nice car you got there! and the polos nice too cheers once again ! im painting the starlights whilst there still off !
  3. errr yeah.... got my car back after it being stolen and me fixing the engine..... then 3 days later...i wrapped it round a tree photos will follow .. hopefully getting another one tho!
  4. adam_lupos


    best place to buy air ride full kits?
  5. cheers mate yeahh they must of **** themselvesi **** myself going over at 1 mph! haha yeah sweet mate see you soon yeahh i might be getting it all for freee + an ipad out of it... naughty
  6. so havent updated this in a while ... then last weekend my gearbox went so i gave the car to my local garage on sunday night...... tuesday morning they gave me a call asking 'when i was dropping the car off?' at which point i went ****ing skitz because then they told me that they had been broken into and my car keys stolen along wiht my car..... so whilst i was claiming my car stolen my work collegue rung me and asked me why my car is parked outside of his house.... so i raged it there in my mates car turns out they drove it all of 1 mile in first gear (the only gear that worked at the time) and had ditched it but in the mean while ripped off the front bumper on a speedbump somewhere in colchester.. dented the door ****ed the boot ..ripped out all my sound system including cables... took all my cleaning gear .... so yeah pretty pissed going through the garage's insurance! sweeettttt oh and most of all they stole my ash tray with a grand total of 25p in it.....lovely persons
  7. ive seen steez's lupo and i came down to a ecd meet in my mates polo. but now im driving flash red lupo slammed on black ra's .the only other loop ive seen is a bright green one modified to **** with a full face bonet bra !
  8. quick update coilovers on backs adjusters taken out.. fronts got another 30mm to drop down... sound system channgeeddd.. ermmmm stickers removed (mojoritiy of them) cleaned every day aswelll:P here are some picccyss some people from colchester will recognise the polo aswell favorite picture! plans ...... go lower. boot build in the near future. rota flashbacks on colourcode other body parts. rear camber. stretch tyress cheers adam
  9. and may i be cheeky and ask where you got them from ?
  10. thank you mate it does help yeahh im definetly buying some this week ! and coilovers have just arriveddd woo! if i ever see you we'll be bloody twins! mwahah car looks good man adam
  11. so what did you need exactly to fit the lensos? thinking of getting a sett
  12. cheers man ohhh your the one with the blue lupo with the stickers on the bumper right? thats noicee! and i wasnt parked i was broken down my alternator went but im back on the road now i went to the last meet. if i see you out and about ill honk ya! haha
  13. its just habit! haha but it could be alot worse i could of gone xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx ......exactly :L
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