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  1. You may as well replace the anti roll bar drop link bushes where they join to the wishbone. They are always the first bushes to crack. You can get powerflex ones for a MK2 golf which fit, dont it a few times now.
  2. A Mk1 Arosa Sport made Pistonheads Shed of the Week this week. I'm not sure if the things to look out for are particularly accurate or comprehensive, but it gets a good write up and it's nice to see our Lupo's and Arosa's getting some press coverage! http://www.pistonheads.com/regulars/ph-features-sheds/shed-of-the-week-seat-arosa-sport/33937 Also, it's the first I've heard that the Arosa has a longer wheebase. Does anyone know if this is true?
  3. You are welcome. You have a nice example, look after it!
  4. Yes. And if you buy it complete with the original brake setup then the calipers and carriers will be (or will have been at some point) red. And it may or may not have a funny rubber weight thing bolted to the centre of it.
  5. The GTI rear axle is no wider Only the front is wider, and that's because the ball joints are different. The different with the GTI rear axle is that it has a strengthening bar inside it.
  6. Cheers! I was going to register it, but now I'm not sure. I think there will be a lot of paperwork and I'll need a receipt for some LHD headlights. I'll keep it for a while and see. Took me 14 hours to get there. Used 3 tanks of fuel. I did work out the mpg but now I've forgotten. It was somewhere between 34 and 38 mpg though, on super unleaded. And I was going quite quickly through France as their speed limits are a touch higher on the autoroute. I'm looking forward to doing the Nurburgring and a few mountain passes
  7. The 5 speed generally have more issues than the 6 speed, but I think buying based on condition is probably a better idea than buying based on the number of gears.
  8. That's pretty epic. Unfortunately I think you have overshadowed me slightly. I hope you worked out your mpg since you kept all your receipts. And anyway, what were you doing buying supermarket fuel!!! Yeah, the V-Power was even more
  9. Well I don't think I'll be back up in Scotland any time soon, but I'm sure I could manage a trip into Italy to go a bit further south... How long did your road trip take Ray?
  10. Aha, the lesser spotted MattyB! Yeah the KW's are treating me well. The variable damping means you can take the edge off the ride a little bit. Well there's always an exception! Cheers, I'm pretty pleased with where it's at at the moment. Not perfect by a long way but pretty good for it's age.
  11. You should put some of the whatsapp photos up...
  12. I don't have the engine or box, you could always ask Chris what happened to it though? He might still have the engine.
  13. Well perhaps there were a lot of GTI's sold down there when they were new! Perhaps because it's a more wealthy part of the country?!
  14. Didn't know about Petes. And everyone knows the orange one don't they, I think it's no more now though?
  15. Well I was just writing a reply asking to see the picture, but you posted it first. Thanks, that's interesting to see! You know I didn't blank out the number plates, on the off chance that someone might recognise the car... It's strange where they end up yes! Mine has been as far north as Aberdeen, and as far south as Geneva.
  16. No, just us special people...
  17. Yes he did! He also took some photos of it for me. This is how it's looking at the moment:
  18. There's certainly a lot of work gone into that Pete! I have some of it's original bits here with me, still waiting to fit to mine. You can have the drivers side mirror cap back if you need it.
  19. All cool, someone else who has had a TDI and a GTI at the same time! Do people ask you why you have two cars the same (even though they are quite different? Which one do you prefer?
  20. Managed to buy a second hand set of KW V2's: Tried the Starlites on again for good measure: Then my standard exhaust got a hole in it, so I bought a Janspeed: Then I didn't really use it much, and ended up SORNing it and leaving it on the garage for 6 months while I went abroad for work. Fast forward to christmas when I had to decide to either start using it or sell it. When I started it up it was misfiring because of corrosion on the HT leads having been sat for so long (they were due for replacement). So after replacing the HT leads and cleaning up the connections on the coil pack, I had the timing belt, auxiliary belt & water pump replaced and then drove down to just outside Geneva where I now live and work. Driving 800 miles in one day in a Lupo GTI with coilovers and a loud exhaust is quite tiring! We had snow here last week:
  21. Well I've been meaning to start this topic for two and a half years, so here goes... After starting off with a Lupo 1.4SE, I then upgraded to an anthracite 1.4 TDI. I also had a nice anthracite Lupo GTI as a second car for a while. I sold the GTI and missed it so when the opportunity came to buy a red one quite cheap I went 300 miles to go and have a look. It was a Y plate but a 6 speed with air con and HPI clear. It's actually a 2002 model year car (the model year changes the summer before), so must have been one of the first 6 speeders registered. The previous owner had had it since it was 6 months old, and had tried to maintain it, but it really needed loads doing, and I am a bit of a perfectionist. On the way home: Anyway, I drove it back from Ashford and took it to it's first car show within 24 hours of owning it, CumbriaVAG: I then went home and set about putting lots of things right and replacing loads of parts with new OEM ones. I also had to give it a really good clean! This sludge is what was left after cleaning the engine bay. Stupidly I didn't take a before photo, but gearbox oil had been leaking and it had had a hole in the radiator, so it was absolutely disgusting: Got a few bits painted: Unfortunately the roof gutters had a bit of rust coming through, and there was laquer peel on the bonnet, so those panels were painted too, and a couple of small parking dents removed. Some of the mechanical jobs that have been done (all done by myself except the gearbox): Strip & clean sticking brakes Repair rear bump stops Replace ABS sensor Replace coolant temp sensor Repair fan low speed resistor Repair door micro switch Replace brake fluid Replace power steering fluid Replace oil & filter Repair gearbox end plate leak & replace fluid Replace ARB bushes Replace wishbones & 1 ball joint Check strap fix Replace thermostat & housing Refit leaky speaker Refit leaky spoiler Adjust boot stoppers to bootlid sits flush Rear wiper wash pipe fix Clean & lubricate electric window runners (had had new regulators but they weren't working very well - now perfect) Replace cracked rear light with new set Wheel refurb & new centre caps New OEM battery OEM flip key & new badge New number plates LED sidelights It was now in good standard condition, and after a machine polish, looking like this:
  22. It was a Scangauge yes. It's still in the TDI. And Ray you know I did the cruise contro!
  23. Well he hasn't said he has checked it with VCDS...
  24. Well the self study program explaines it better, but this is how I understand it. Basically the ECU uses the camshaft position sensor to know where in the cycle the engine and therefore when to inject the fuel and start. If this sensor is on it's way out then is sends the wrong timing information to the ECU and you have problems starting (this is what mine did). If you unplug it, the ECU uses the crankshaft position sensor for the timing information instead. The reason it takes longer to start is because the crankshaft rotates half the speed of the camshaft, so it takes a bit longer to work out the timing.
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