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  1. Your understanding of the tdi is flawed if you think you can reduce heat soak that way. Do you actually know where the filter in the tdi is? An open filter will introduce more heatsoak. Also you haven't seen the size of the tdi filter have you. Tl;dr this isn't your petrol golf. So the same rules don't apply at all.
  2. Why will it though if your not running silly boost.
  3. Terrible. Just terrible. Doesn't make any sense nor does it look good. Not even a good concept. But it's your car so do what makes you happy.
  4. How does it add wear?
  5. 69mpg is great. The 5th gear mod and cruise control help my mpg a lot. I know Cc doesn't help you save fuel but it does for me so I don't go over a certain speed or below for that matter. The 5th gear mod is great for fuel. The best for fuel actually. Plus on country roads it's all about being smooth so you don't lose your speed too much.
  6. An extra 10bhp won't reduce the life of either. So long as you service your car and treat it well. Remember it's a Diesel engine designed for turbo it's about as strong as you get. For what I remember if you modded with a few different things turbo, injectors and a few other things engine things like cams and head bolts etc you could be running 160-170bhp. Not worth it really as the amount of money needed would be mad and it would chew through gearboxes but if it can run that happily 110bhp is nothing.
  7. My brother has the 0.622 mod which is 70mph at 2krpm on standard 14's and mine is the 0.656 I think which is 2150ish at 70mph. Makes cruising on the motorway way way way quieter. I went to England in my car and I let my friend who drives a bmw drive it. With the cruise control on he was very impressed how quiet and refined it was. Best of all he was super shocked when we got nearly 60mpg too lol at a gps indicated 70mph. 6th gear mod will cost £1000 without fitting or is it £800 without fitting either way unless your car is mint and has less than 50k miles why sink 1k into your car.
  8. You will be fine. Just set them up so they aren't dazzling anyone and you wont have any trouble. Plus 50mpg? Pff I was getting 56mpg and thats not sticking around on country roads either lol. You need to do the mods to the tdi to get the mpgs high. My brothers will do 60mpg+ Most I had was 65mpg at 70mph constant pretty much.
  9. Once fitted to the vehicle it must have headlamp cleaning and self- levelling (which can be for the headlamp or can be in the vehicle suspension - some expensive estate cars have "self-levelling suspension" and that is adequate). Also the dipped beam must stay on with the main beam. According to the department of transport.
  10. Are you sure? Uk cars that didn't come with Xenons need washers and the self levelling working to be legal as they didn't come with. But if your car is a jdm that came without all that stuff but came with Xenons that's ok. But most people will still pass.
  11. What bitrate is a 720p or 1080p video audio? That sounds weird in the hd option what is the audio bitrate?
  12. That's fair enough. If your handy with electronic then I suppose it's not to bad. That is true but if we started using Flac demand for storage would increase and it would become cheaper over time. Also I know this isn't the case for everyone but if you have unlimited 4g on your phone then streaming Flac should at least be an option. I remember a guy who used to use a yourube to mp3 converter on low quality videos, then he connected his phone via the tape deck adapter and turned it up. He thought it sounded great. It was painful for me. But I suppose it's what your used to or maybe some peopl
  13. I wouldn't say it's over priced personally but it's not a steal either. Tdi's are getting rare now. I think they are getting gti rare espicially one that's not been slammed and notched or the ones with £30 tax. The best thing is with a tdi buy a nice one drive it and put 100000 miles on it and you won't lose much money. Engines are solid and if they are looked after they go forever. Seats etc can be changed for very cheap.
  14. Lol don't worry about if I used to think the same. Is your Chinese one still going? Or did you have to fix it and that's why you had it open? Generally the main things with a headunit is what type of source it's giving your amp so dacs and signal to noise etc come into it. This is when it gts expensive lol. Alpine f1, high end clarion and pioneer and nakamichi etc. But main problem is people using 128kb or lower mp3. 192kb is the minimum id use and 320 is preferable. Really though which is annoying is we should all just use Flac. I don't really use it as it's hard to come by and what headun
  15. I know lol. How come I can't like your posts anymore the little tick has gone? Moderators don't get likes? Science is science I won't refute that but experience is experience. I can agree to disagree. I personally think you may have had or read too much about bad experience or maybe your mates are all chavs lol. But induction kits can work fine I would not put them on my cars if they where bad. Plus not blocking your egr, not cleaning or venting your pcv/CCV is a lot worse for your car than an air filter.
  16. I don't think you understand how an the k&n filter works. If you think adding a filter add a roar then I don't know. Changing filter add no noise, due to you not even knowing that I must doubt the rest of your theory as the first part then doesn't make any sense at all. K&N filters add NO NOISE unless the current OEM kit(not filter) is taken out and an open filter is installed. If you didn't realise that then you don't understand how the tdi induction system works. Also it's not about adding power but adding service to your air filter with the ability to wash. My mate has a k&N in
  17. No, headunit's only have so much power to draw from that's why they top out at what they do.
  18. Yes, 2krpm at 70mph. Remember Skezza you still haven't shown me any proof for your hate of K&N's. Plus they are washable so you save on service intervals. # Yes, gearbox and clutch has been done and it's good to go. Also people love the color.
  19. Dundee is easily accessible by rail, air or road. I've told my brother it's actually way to cheap for what it is but he said it's better it goes to someone who will use it, enjoy it and it will save them money. I bet you could drive from my house to yours for less than £50 in this car.
  20. Does it have to be a lupo not arosa. I know of a mint one for sale.
  21. I endorse this car. It's actually minter then mine. It's had all the proper maintenance and good mods done. The Canica blue is a proper funky colour too. I have worked on this car myself and I give it the Dblock's seal of approval.
  22. Skezza you are perfectly entitled to your own opinion. Even if it's wrong lol. Honestly though I wouldn't run one if it messed up my maf. Not worth it IMO.
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