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  1. This has turned into a feeking nightmare. My dad is doing the work, he knows his way around motors but he is a little peeved off today. He took the clutch out and replaced, even though it looked good as did the thrust bearing. The whirring sound then disapeered. So we had a few more bits and peieces that needed doing so fitted some new brake discs, pads, changed oil filter, fuel filter, new sparks and we thought it was all ready to rock.... the whirring sound is back and so it looks like the clutch / gearbox is coming out. Any thoughts on this? My dad reckons it could poss be the input bearing in gear box or input shaft bearing idiller gear / diff. (that may not make much sense but hopefully someone should have an idea!) Thanks
  2. Hello All. Can someone actually direct me in the right direction of brake pads and brake discs for my 53 plate SE Lupo please? I ordered some using my number plate on euro car parts website and they have sent ones that don't fit correctly. (something to do with them pads being to long and not being the clip in type and discs being to wide by an half an inch or so.) Problem is I left the loop at my folks which is two hours away so I’m trying to sort this now which is a pain. I have been on euro car parts, there are 8 different discs but still come under my reg. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  3. Thanks Skezza Re: Number 3. Before the clutch was on it's way out the idling was a bit up and down. Any other ideas what it might be mate?
  4. Hi Guys, My Loop is in need of some garage attension, looks like there is a problem with the thrust bearing or clutch - luckily the old man will be doing the job of replacing it for me I have a few questions for you guys just hope you can answer them. 1: Will a clutch kit from euro car parts contain all the parts my dad will need? If not, what do i need, exactly! 2: I know there isn't a Loop Haynes manual but is there a Haynes manual similar that can help him out? 3: The car is drives fine but have been the idle has been a bit dodgy for a while now, any ideas? Thanks for the time
  5. I'm thinking of swopping my lupo's front bumper for the reiger one. Can anyone who's done this please give an estimate on how much it would be to be spray fresco green? Also, is it better me buying the paint for a bodyshop? Cheers!
  6. hi all, i'm thinking of buying a sony car stereo - DSX-S300BTX. I want to try to fit this myself but need to ask if it is just a case of plug and play. I have a lupo 2002 which has the standard stereo atm. An ideas please?
  7. Lights have gone out now! Getting it dropped by 30mm friday on a set of eibach's i picked up for just under £100. Peter Fearn, couldn't upload some more photos of the front of your motor please mate? I'm thinking of getting just the front bumper in a week so just wanted to get another look at a loop done with the reiger bumper on in fresco gree!
  8. Bad news, just drove the loop to work... Two lights came on, one EPC and what looks to be a engine with a check warning light! Seemed to drive ok tho.. Any ideas or can anyone reccommend a decent fault reader?
  9. Cheers for the photo's Jon, looks amazing.
  10. I like it Jon... Any more photos mate?
  11. Cheers pete. Any chance of upping that photo of your motor with the full kit?
  12. So which springs are best? Konis or Eibach!
  13. Cheera Pete, will look forward to seeing it. What brand of spring you got on there? Just looked at the tyres - 185/85r14, two firestones on front, eco continentals on back. Is that a problem tho?
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