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  1. unsure if this is common, tried tracing the leak might be from the washer pump anyone else had this problem?
  2. "The engine was probably screaming to stop" oh please!
  3. When I was shopping around it was around £2000 for a 1.2 corsa!!! Glad I went for a lupo, you dont see many of them about Insurance £1200 - 0 NCB Just checked how much renewal will be £600
  4. I don't know, it didn't start ages ago (earth strap) so I think previous owner changed the ignition barrel, yeah it's different key. Other key does everything else, locks, boot, petrol cap
  5. when I first bought my car the ignition barrel had been changed grr (problems after problems.. list slowly getting done) I guess I have to go to VAG and get one ordered or can I get one of the dealers on here to help me out?
  6. those are 60/40 sitting exactly same as mine.. they arent as good tbh question.. please reply ok.. but 60 front and 85 of back.. would it sit flush or look stupid?
  7. You wanna know something funny? I too have flash red lupo with same sub/amp
  8. Can anyone tell me the size of flexi on 1.0e lupo and possibily where I could buy one cheap? (not ebay) Thanks
  9. ****.. ive got that as well... so just need to replace the belt or is the alternator now screwed?
  10. no video sorry, dont think its the alternator vent. it sounds like a turbo noise when rev.. air could be getting in?
  11. I've already got 60 on front and 40 on rear (standard shocks) could I remove rear springs/shocks and just use your gas shocks?
  12. Hi guys My car makes a burning smell when idel but when I rev to 3k it's giving some high pitched whine noise like you get off a blow value (sounds kinda cool) Due to replace flexi/cat.. In the mean time will it burn through a lot more fuel? Sorry for the noob question
  13. Can you post a link to where you bought your central locking kit from please (also is it central locking with remote feature? a lot of adds say remove central locking but you must have standard central locking.. sorry to be confusing)
  14. Can any photoshop guru make the car 'flash red' and the bathurst wheels black please. I am getting mine fully refurbished and indecisive on the colour, I wont be using centre caps
  15. looking for 60mm rear lowering springs or some cheap coilovers for standard lupo 1.0 budget of £100 let me know what you got
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