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  1. hi yes i have slam panel and odd couple of parts. message me on 07511225143
  2. 2001 plate The car has everything accept most interior. Will come with all glass. Doors. Boot. Bonnet.slam panel. Headlights. Steering column. Pedal box. Rear axle brand new bc coilovers No front subframe wishbones. Or hubs or d/s calipers no engine No wiring looms. £1250 if taken a some kind of deposit today. Which this would be 500+£ less then all of my asking price!!!
  3. I am breaking my lupo gti track car. I am looking for a quick sale on all parts. *All items include postage* Number plate dvla registered I will sort transfers. Reg is X1UPO offers around £900 -Lupo gti xenon headlights £250 Main mean headlights £50 -Brand new lupo/gti /arosa bc racing coil overs cost me 620 will sell for £500 -gti front bumper (black) £150 Gti rear bumper (black) £100 Gti aluminium doors (black) £250 (collection only) Gti aluminium bonnet (black) £100 (collection only) Front slam panel with crash beam £50 Gti shell(black) £300 Gti lower door cards £35 2 x 5 speed gearboxes code (02T) 1 is working £150 posted other has 3rd won't engage£ 100 posted Pop out windows £50 with rubber seals. I can do a deal if buying multiple items Message me on 07511225143 or search Ayrton Anderson on Facebook
  4. Ive Brought my 4th lupo and picking it up this weekend with the plans to turn it into a fast road / track toy. With the best standard I can give. Lots of pics to follow
  5. axe wheels are on with Nankangs ns2 185/45/15's cambered the fronts a little to tuck un the arch..
  6. wheel bolts that came with the new wheels were rusty, so i shot blasted them then gave them a lick of paint
  7. THESE little Beast's arrived today, really happy with the fitment and haven't really seen them on a lupo before, i did have bbs rm.'s But i had to sell them due to my racing funds, even though bbs rm.'s are awesome i think these AXE wheels have created something new and look awesome, tyres will hopefully arrive tomro
  8. they are well made , better then the vmaxx i had for my old lupo , nice and comfy but sporty ride if you corner a little fast, only problem i have is one of the springs are shorter by 2mm but that is effected by spring compression and makes the ride height out by 5-6mm on one side (REAR) meaning the adjusters are different heights...
  9. i had a 1l yellow lupo but unfortunately it got written off during christmas period I then saved up and brought a Raven Blue Lupo GTI in febuary i then brought some AP X coilovers with adjustable rebound i lowered it a little bit for a fast road set-up, but now I've lowered it some more, and a set of wheels are coming wheels should be here in a few
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