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  1. cheers anybody got any with the number plate recess smoothed?
  2. just wondered if anyone has any pictures of a mk2 arosa with front and rear smoothed bumpers. cheers jen
  3. thanks for the comment no more mods planned for the car i need to start saving money now, and dont think i can really do much more with the car as dont want to go over the top with it.
  4. thanks lupo simon well seeing as alot dont like the mirrors that just makes mine individual and different
  5. no he didnt ill b having words with him you should have come to say hello nice to meet you tigz by the way
  6. looks good , liking the colour and the front looks different which makes it even better.
  7. cheers ppl never thought i'd get loadsa comments like this tigz thats just what i was thinking/lol its lowered on coilovers not sure how low but i no its on its lowest setting on the back and the front could go lower, didnt even need to modify the arches which was good
  8. thought i'd post a couple of updated pics up.
  9. good turn out yesterday, some great cars there shame about the mud tho
  10. look great chi as ive told u loadsa times
  11. cos if u arrange it in hull ppl aint interested as it apparently a bomb site style="vertical-align:middle" emoid=":D" border="0" alt="biggrin.gif" /> arrange it central so alot of ppl turn up
  12. you've felt real and fake then. hehe i think its stupid at that age cos your body's still developing. and i think big fake boobs look silly if they look natural they look ok.
  13. i went into an estate agents n they bring it all up on there screen of all the bank n stuff n wat there rates n stuff are. i found it very helpfull.
  14. check this out guys style="vertical-align:middle" emoid=":wacko:" border="0" alt="wacko.gif" /> http://www.carnatic.de/bilder/ws12/dsc00777.html
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