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  1. Anyone have an idea of what the diameter is of a standard lupo sport exhaust?
  2. 54 plate silver gti, looked clean! Bbs reps I believe
  3. Loz Martin

    Chassis Notch

    elliot sanjay will do it for £100, meet me some time and look at mine and see the quality of his work, he's giving me the keys to his unit so i can do my tie rod flip to go lower, no doubt he could do your notch then and i'll drive up with you
  4. i've ordered them but there on back order, i'll let you know and upload a pic
  5. Just seen you heading towards Northampton, rather low on black wheels, believe I saw you parked up in Stacey bushes industrial estate yesterday
  6. well i run 165/50/15 on a 7j and have never had any problems when pushing it, http://tyrestretch.com/7_165_50_R15/ gives you an idea of how stretched it is
  7. Haha I don't mind travelling
  8. yeah that'll be me haha na i live in northampton bud
  9. wiilkogti, harlow just gone or the one a few months back? if its one a few months back it was more then likely me, i was parked right near the entrance, gold rota's and a roof rack
  10. rake is only till i can get some drop plates made up for the rear although my subframe already needs replacing so it may get wound up, and change of wheels soon
  11. yeah, i've tried to different leads, it used to work on my old headunit but it stopped working one day but thought the old one had given up the ghost as it was ancient, looking at it i think i may have pinched and broke a wire on the cars wiring harness, need a multimeter to figure out which one
  12. neither my front speakers are plugged in atm as i'm in the middle of replacing them, i've took the old ones out but not got round to fitting a spacer ring for the new ones
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