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  1. That Was On Ebay Recently! I'd Of Bid To Win It Just To Slap The Bloke What Did That To It Haha
  2. The 1.4 Gets More MPG Because The 1 Litre You Have To Keep Changing Gear And You Have To Go Flat Out To Keep Up With Traffic.
  3. On Any Lupo Check The Seals Where People Jack The Car Up, Some People Use The Wrong Jack And It Bends It All Up And Ruins The Look Of The Car
  4. Good Luck With This! If You Do It Get Some Pictures Up!
  5. The Quickest And Easyest Way Is To Use Fishing Wire And Pull That Behind The Rub Stri In A Sawing Action. Then You're Left With The Black Tape, Use Lighter Fluid Works A Treat And Does Not Damage Paint!
  6. Wow. Them Wheels Look Badass!
  7. Ive Seen People Smooth It In And They Have Trouble Finding A Place To Put The Number Plate! Kp It Where It Is And Keep It Legal!
  8. I Don't Think Its Worth It Spending That Amount On Some Like Cams. Go For ITB's Or Something First Or A Remap.
  9. Is A Wire Been Damaged Or Anything Possibly?
  10. Get The Fuel Pump In The Tank Checked Over By A Garage?
  11. When I Had My Old Lupo I Had A Peugeot 206 Splitter! It Looked Fantastic And It Takes 5 Mins To Fit On With Body Kit Tape Or Double Sided Foam Tape.
  12. I Used 2 Needle Nose Plyers And IT Worked A Treat!
  13. I Got Pulled Atleast 3 Times A Week! Waste Of Time To Be Honest. If You Are Going To Get Them Keep Your Standard Ones In The Car Just Incase The Police Stop You.
  14. Too Many People Are Doing The Whole Weller Thing Now! Alright If You Like In A Little Village Or Town But When You Go To Shows Everyones Either Got bbs Or Wellers! Drives me Nuts!
  15. I Agree With Silver Haha! Or Just Pull It Like ****.
  16. Whatever Happens Don't Go Vw Dealership! I Got A New Key Done In Bristol For £25 And Works Perfect!
  17. I Use To Have A 1.7 sdi Which Was Lowered 40mm On Springs And I Smashed My Driveshaft On It! New Car First Thing I Did Was A C Notch! May Aswell Get It Done Before Its Too Late!
  18. I Use Mine For My Wallet Tight Fit Though
  19. My Heat Shield Came Loose! Drove Me Crazy For Months Until A Mate Found The Problem In Less Than 10 Seconds!
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