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  1. It turns, I have it facing me.. You can have it central or facing the passanger as well as up and down
  2. Still for sale great christmas present
  3. Pictures are lame iPhone 3gs quality, will upload some better ones tonight and will also have more info on wheels. VW MFD1 For sale, Icludes all wiring to get it to work (one for the rear connecting to your car and also a gps aerial), The code to input when you first put it in, and the system itself (obviously ) Two things to mention; The volume knob is a bit battered, the other side is perfectly fine (will upload a picture when I get home) I have 2011 maps disc inserted but it seems to not read the disc/eject the disk, the disk is pretty battered but I'm unsure as to why it won't eject but w
  4. If you're in Manchester then pop down to Awesome GTI or give them a phone call.. Great bunch of guys and they really know what they're talking about
  5. Someone is going to enter into an all caps rage soon..
  6. http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10150274338465388.332451.527990387&type=1 http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10150274362680388.332455.527990387&type=1 Because I'm lazy Theres a few lupo pics inside feel free to tag yourselves lol
  7. Nice album mate.. Ill post a link to mine tomorrow
  8. I'll probably pop over and say hi to you lot if i see you lol
  9. Yeah but we'll be leaving from derby.. Going to my mates uni flat before going down lol You goin friday?
  10. Rubbishy photo.. Haven't learned how to use my camera yet lol... Have more practice at ED38
  11. This is one genuinely amazing car.. Can't believe no-one has bought it yet.. Saw it at High Peaks Low Dubs.. My friend I came with was speechless lol Person with baby walked in the way of my pic both times
  12. Have the money ready in your hand and not in your wallet in the boot as it annoys them and causes a que
  13. £30 friday = full camping £25 Saturday = one night camping £15 Sunday = just the day http://i272.photobucket.com/albums/jj173/alicetu/e74887d4.jpg (Stolen from ED38 forums)
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