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  1. MR Sheen

    1.0 ltr lupo not starting?

    Did you replace the tensioner too when doing timing belt? And you did check timing marks on upper and lower pulleys before starting?
  2. MR Sheen


    I know, I know. Usual scrape all the gravel away from where the jack is going to sit, then jack it up.
  3. MR Sheen


  4. MR Sheen


    All up and running sweetly now. I've removed the door bump strips, to give it a cleaner look for him. Pain in the butt to do. I'll get some before and after pics up.....promise.
  5. MR Sheen

    1.0 MPI Rocker Cover Gasket

    Search function here helped out. Sealer it is. Is this only available from VW?
  6. MR Sheen

    1.0 MPI Rocker Cover Gasket

    Does the 1.0 MPI have a proper rocker cover gasket or is it a silicon sealer type? Doesnt appear to have been either on my sons.
  7. MR Sheen


    Cj1 it's a light blue. Will get some pics up. Looking forward to having a we drive in it....
  8. MR Sheen


    Just joined and thought I'd say hi. I've bought a 1.0E for my son. He's 17 and still to pass his test. Its a non-runner project for us. It's head gasket went. So heads off and been skimmed. Gaskets and other parts have arrived, so this week will be rebuild time. Few other her bits and pieces to do to it too...noisy door checks for one!

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