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  1. tashjh


    Logged on as wrong person than saying thank you ha... Yeah, currently looking for some coilovers, gonna get bumpers colour coded and then hopefully gonna do the interior, I'm sure I will think of more things once I get going
  2. tashjh


    got the springs fitted, still feel like im on stilts so looking for some coilovers. how polly sits now..
  3. tashjh


    i decided i wanted the mirrors painting to match my wheels so i got the boyfriend again before picture.. after picture... had a rummage through the garages the other day and found some 60/40 lowering springs hidden between a mountain full of wheels and tyres, funny how they was hidden so i pinched them
  4. tashjh


    So I bought Polly some new wheels, but they needed cleaning up and a good refurb good job ive got my boyfriend wrapped round my little finger heres what they look like now ..
  5. tashjh


    Hi, thought id start a progress thread, I bought 'Polly' already named by the previous owner 3 week ago. Here are some pictures of when I first got her after her first clean... more updates to come
  6. Are the door handles screwed onto the back of the door cards? If not how do I get them off
  7. So my speedo is about 10-15mph slower the speed I'm doing? Do I need a new one or do I just need to check speed sensor?
  8. Thanks for your replies, managed to get some alloys with tyres and boyfriends referbed them for me also had the car lowered and de badged for now
  9. Hi, i'm still trying to come to terms on how to use this place.. so I apologise if this is all rubbish. After years of wanting a Lupo I finally got one yesterday, and i'm in love and wish I had bought one a lot sooner! Im wanting your advise on what to buy to make it stand out, but im on abit of a budget. I've already got some lowering springs that need to be fitted for now until i can afford coil overs but need some new alloys cause I don't like the ones that's are on it at the minute, but don't ask me what they are cause ive not got a clue and id up upload a photo but again don't know how to
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