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  1. The pictures of the New Alto have been released today... production version of the A-star: Looks like a cross between a Kia Picanto and a Aygo... i'm not liking the result.
  2. I'm glad people agree with me. Nice little money spinner for the stealers. The dealers actually apply it, so theres no guarantee of how well it has been applied and it comes with a 10 year warranty... How you would prove your car is less shiny is beyond me though!
  3. Now then... Is Autoglym Lifeshine protection - £295, which is basically a set of protectants for bodywork, glasswork, and interior applied befor you pick up a new car, worth it? Presume the car is well looked after/cleaned and waxed regularly. Discuss... Because i'm not so sure.
  4. I'm so glad someone round here has some sense. I'm from a single parent family, my mum has given everything for me to do well at school and get to university, but even with all her help, without all the help from the government I wouldn't have been able to afford to go. As it is, i've done a sensible degree (Chem Eng), graduated, I've got a grad job and as of the 25th August I will be happily paying tax, always remembering that if the other people before me didn't pay tax, I wouldn't be where I am now. It really annoys me that some people abuse the system, doing degrees in trivial matters whic
  5. I've got to be honest, I feel really sorry for the ladies involved. A bit of office romance fine, but when its unwanted, thats just wrong.
  6. I'll be there on the Sunday! Pete
  7. White would look brill Old School Rally style.
  8. The thing is... Not all VW's are made in Germany as has been the case for some time. The Fox and Jetta are made in Mexico, the new Scirocco is in Portugal, and countless other VW's are made in other parts of the world i'm sure. In fact considering that the Seat factory in Barcelona is one of the most up to date VW plants, i'd be very suprised if some VW's aren't made there.
  9. They do take it into account, but obviously there not miracle workers and if you repeatedly abuse an engine, it will break sooner than a looked after one. I know my aunty doesn't do many miles, but she will buy a car, never service it, keep it for 5 years until it breaks, then buy a new one. lol
  10. I'm not sure about that, I have a January 2001 sport which came with the sales brochure from the 2001 model year and it says maximum power 100ps at 6000 rpm, this is the same in the 2005 brochure. Mine is around 3700 at 70 I think, its definately a little more than 3500. ----------- As for VW designing an engine which doesn't work how its suppose to as an engineer fills me with horror so I don't think thats the case. True the arosa was originally designed as a budget car, but VW then brought the whole project upmarket and I believe the lupos original brief was to compete with a certain BMW mi
  11. I'm gonna put my neck on the line and say I like the new Ibiza. Some of the press shots Seat UK have released have been terrible though. Heres a better real world shot: The pricing is pretty competitive and the equipment levels are good to. See here for pricing and spec: Clicky
  12. Inflation! mind you my quote is now almost 3 years old!
  13. They did indeed do a test. However this was Optimax (the 98 ron predecessor of v-power) compared to tesco 99, not v-power compared to tesco 99, which would probably provide similar levels of performance. Test results can be found here: http://www.pistonheads.com/gassing/topic.a...mp;f=57&h=0
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