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  1. Did you ever get anywhere with this? I have just fitted a lupo sport manifold and throttle body to an AUA 1.4. its currently running like a dog at idle. i think i have an air leak somewhere but not checked out where yet. other than the idling issue the car is improved, revs a lot freer and makes a nice throaty noise now
  2. ah ok mate not to worry, sure i will get them in some how. like you said though i think the biggest challenge is going to be the top locking pin set up
  3. just wondering if there is any chance of getting some dimensions of the 'p' shape brackets holding the side of the rears in?
  4. Cheers dude, have to say i'm jealous of the Gti looked sick as you rolled past. yeah im game for this, im not ignorant to other veedubbers though just rarely see any as i don't really leave Swansea that much
  5. the yellow one you saw in gorseinon was me... went to take a turbo in to dave coe... ? that where you saw me?
  6. was the yellow lupo modified?
  7. Lol jizz in my pants was better though
  8. lol, cheers guys, numbers are really stacking up now
  9. hi all This may seem a bit random, but I am a post graduate student currently writing up my dissertation and need a little input from you guys. There are two main reason's why I am asking the members of club Lupo to help: 1. I am already a member of the forum 2. I know that Lupo's attract a good age range of owners and I want a broad range of people to fill out the survey as this should lead to a nice range of results I know the idea of a survey will have put many people off but I assure you it is short.. very short. all tickbox bar one question and would benefit my research greatly. Here is the link to the Questionnaire http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/CMJ75Z3 Thanks for your time.... Steve
  10. ah think i have seen it before, but i wasnt in the lupo when i have seen it before. normally in a sainsburys van lol
  11. ah cool whats your lupo like? i have probs seen it about as have clocked a few others in swansea.....
  12. yeah living in swansea whilst at uni. you local?
  13. that would be me will find it there a lot as i work there
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