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  1. I have a freshly refurbed set of Longbeaches. Done maybe 500 miles on them? As new, basically! Tyres are Falken 452's and are legal but would need replaceing within a few thousand miles. All are like this: What can/will you offer?
  2. That white GTI is nice! Looks like a good day
  3. Babs

    Howdy all!

    Aww Never mind! Hello Nicki It has been! I'm alright, started a new job. Gonna *try* and come to Ed38
  4. Babs

    Howdy all!

    Hi all! Hope everyone's doing well, long time since I've been on 'ere! Glad to see Martin's finally got his GTI lowered... 'bout f@#cking time, too I'm currently sat next to Casper's sister-in-law (apparently), so have been looking at his charged GTI - very nice! A lot of you guys have really been pushing the boat out! Cheers
  5. I've been told to say that I'm sat next to your sister in-law? She'll know me as Andrew Very tidy car this, just had a looksie!
  6. Babs

    Hi Everyone! ;)

    Gotta love the Evo Welcome!
  7. http://www.rayvernhydraulics.com/
  8. Been looking at what to do to mine... not sure whether I wanna keep it...
  9. Babs


    I did them, did 2 years in uni before dropping out. I wish I'd gone to college to do something interesting, rather than staying in 6th form - I was too scared to go out on my own! Uni - for me - was a waste of time, and I don't know how I lasted even the two years! You always have the option of going back and doing things if you have a change of heart
  10. I will mostly be sleeping
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