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  1. previously used my double din housing to fit my gauges and needed to find some space to fit my headunit so had a rethink and came up with this..
  2. Stainless steel exhaust system 63mm from Bastuck to help with breathing.....
  3. Custom ecu loom been built for my conversion...... Nearly complete.
  4. Supercharger outlet had to be modified so i could have it sitting in a certain position.. With 90 degree bend..Alloy welded
  5. I havent done an update on here for so long. Work commitments and illness has really slowed this project down to nearly nil input. Now i can bring everything up to date and hopefully if all goes to plan have this completed sometime this year.Wanted to do my build with a Tfsi engine took a rain check in that direction as came across to many complications. Had the same comploications with the alloy blocked engine so had to step back in the past and retro fit the ABF lump.. This is how the engine bay looks at present.
  6. Engine bay could do with a tidy up and finishing of..
  7. Just modelling Audi A1 alloys..
  8. Well the head scratching and the effing and blinding turned out to be a good mild day for me and the charge cooler radiator has a new home.. This radiator has two plug in type fittings which are of no use to me so i will get 2 AN fittings tagged to each hole to plumb the rest of the charge cooling kit...Black radiator has been screwed to the water radiator..The other end will be tagged with two L shaped brackets..3 down 1 to go
  9. I'm hoping so. Got to use to the last set up wanted more kick without using a turbo so this is the route to FUN
  10. While block is away getting played with and this weather cant make up it's mind to freeze my ass of i thought i would pay some attention to the cooling system. Started of with a new front panel as the previous one was butchered to death..Made up a picture frame for everything to sit in... Spent most of the week running from home to garage to welders and back. Finally it's coming together... After some more cutting, tucking and filing got the water radiator and engine oil cooler to share space.... Now i need to find some more space to fit another oil radiator and charge cooler radiator. This week will entail alot of head scratching effing and blinding. All part of a build
  11. Hi iv'e just read your complete tread, workmanship is quality. Keep up the good work.One question i ask of you where will you fit that tubular control arms?
  12. Cheers for the comments. At the moment i'm wearing Audi A1 7x16" ten spoke alloy wheels. As for power figures 250bhp will be nice anymore is a bonus. At present i'll be using a VR6 5-speed box with ABF bell housing,will see how that goes and take it from there
  13. Hi Stuart i had to make this install as easy as poss and even though the Polo 9n/9n3 parts might work doing it this way is 100 per cent everything will hook up as VW intended. Regards Hakeem
  14. While i have a engine in my loops to get me up and running im also gonna build me a bullet proof bottom end so in the future i can put together a twin charge set up? Even though i have an engine installed in the loops to get me up and running i thought it would be wise to build me a bullet proof short block for some more crazy plans that i have. So the ALT block is of to be bored and honed. While that is getting done here are the goodies waiting to be installed....
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