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  1. Yes, this day is unique and special and the gift must be appropriate. I was sitting these days and I was thinking what to give to my mother and my girlfriend too and I found something. I'll tell you what I want to do to give you some ideas. Unfortunately this year I am not at home, but in another country. But this is not a problem and I will send them a personalized greeting card to each one. I don't want to send them flowers, because that's simple. I will send them a greeting card with some nice words and already when I return home I will take them a special gift. It may sound strange, but
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  2. Hello everyone! Soon is International Women's Day and I do not have ideas what to offer to my girlfriend, now she is with her parents in other city, can you suggest some ideas or companies that could deliver and offer a gift? Thanks a lot!
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  3. Thank you mate a lot! I will take a look, I am thankful!
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  4. Thanks for respect, it is sad
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