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    It does look a little big to me too. I've been running this badge on mine for years, it's from a MK2 Golf GTI 10th Anniversary Edition, I found it at VW Spring Fest years ago, think it looks great! Might be hard to find now though....
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    When you sell it, don't just sell it as a cheap small runabout for a new driver. As there are fewer than 10 left on the UK's roads, you need to make that a selling point. It's like Mk2 golfs... even the nastiest poverty spec "Golf C" now goes for very good money as there are so few original one's left!
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    A 6th gear that's a great bonus πŸ‘
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    Check o ring, push in till th clip feels engaged and try to pull it out. If it isn't in right once it pressurises you're sitting there upset. You should have drained the coolant and presumably it is new from when the engine was done. Wasteful and bad for the environment.
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    G13 is the current VW coolant for pretty much all VW branded vehicles, part number G 013 A8 JM1 Β£12.72 inc vat for 1.5 litres And yes, coolant is added via the expansion bottle
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    Kite string and nail polish remover. Then finish up with some T cut and meguire's polish.
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    Looks tacky imho. Just the GTi badge for me
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    More info on the eraser wheel? I use fishing nylon - it’s quite a bit tougher than dental floss
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    I would take the time and get the easier cheaper bits fixed, a good wash and polish and try to get maximum for it. You know what its set you back, what you can put into it and what you want for it. If you can get an MOT on it, your money will instantly go up also.
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    Yeah, it's too big. Needs to be smaller than the gti bit.
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    Nope. Not a fan. Corrado badge?
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    Wow, I have to be honest and say that that's the first 16V version I've seen. There can't be many about. Personally, I'd fix the broken bits which like you say are all superficial and take it from there. Don't worry about the bonnet stone chips. Get the interior properly valeted for around Β£40 (or do it yourself), give it a good wax and polish and you could get as much as Β£1200. Get it running...
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    Many pieces, hole in block, bent rod. Ran well on three though.
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    Seriously happy about the 6th gear, I kept wondering why the revs were a little higher than expected at motorway speeds but now we knowπŸ˜‚ Had a lot of comments from people like colleagues and friends calling me mental for chucking that much money into a Lupo but there's just something about the power delivery and noise of the 1.6 which gets us a massive smile guaranteed. #Worthit Honestly makes me sad though when seeing GTI's stripped for parts or butchered which is the reason I'm trying to give this one a second chance at life.
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    I bet that 6th gear was a nice surprise Keep the good work!
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    He could get a nice stainless sports one? Or you go to a friendly MOT man.
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    Which is fine until MOT time when it will fail for not having a catalyst fitted I'm glad things are on the mend with this car, it's nice to see a GTI being restored rather than stripped and sold off
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    I wish my pockets were as deep as yours when it comes to cars 😲 I fully understand wanting to restore a GTi by all means but by the time your finished you could of had a 20v turbo engine in for the same price... Shop around and try find better deals. Your sump cost more than my entire car πŸ˜‚ Go and weigh the catalytic converter in for some money back, I got Β£90 for mine and just get one long piece of stainless pipe to connect the downpipe to the back box 😈 Keep up the good work though.
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    They haven't put the screws into the bumper from inside the wings. I'd suggest ordering two of those up before you begin. Maybe even the Audi stainless arch liner screws?
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    Well spotted πŸ‘πŸ» Nice one. I'll get some...
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    Does it have a hole in the bottom for an oil sensor?
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    Good to see you are not rushing into anything with this! I'm sorry, I'm going to be Dad here, you will be spending a big chunk of wedge on this engine rebuild, I really hope you have done your homework about who ever you have booked with: Have they got solid VAG experience - better still rebuilt an AVY engine before? Do they have good reputation? - googled for reviews? How long will they take? - if they don't know what they are doing a few weeks can very quickly turn into months What guarantee will they provide for workmanship and materials? Not being funny, the fact they can fit an engine rebuild into their schedule within a week or 2 would not be a tick in the box ....that is unless the situation was really desperate. As already said by a few of us, you have good compression, your current oil leak is not terminal, your situation is a long way from desperate - probably just requires a head rebuild alone Just as an example, I enquired at a very good garage about getting a bottom end rebuild done for mine, they were happy to take on the job, but couldn't book it in for 2 or 3 months.
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