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    Not what a lot of other users have done. I've done 2k miles now on 100% veg. Better to mix it however which I will be doing a lot more with it getting colder.
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    I hate to say it, but if it is a stripped plug thread, only option is head off and helicoil it... I absolutely hate bodges on any of my cars like this one, but given that the work involved just to fix the thread is so huge, I'd leave it alone and hope it isn't leaking gases. Pretend that it's meant to be like that! I've never had to helicoil a plug thread. They are very fine and I'm not sure if a helicoil kit even exists for such a fine thread. People (who don't already know), plugs only need to be a bit tighter than finger tight! @axe just had a crazy idea to check if it is leaking... when the engine is stone cold, get someone to sit in the driver's seat and start the engine, while you're drizzling washing up detergent water over the cap. Bubbles mean a leak... You might get a temporary misfire if the water shorts out the HT, but as soon as it's warmed up again it'll dry and be fine If it is leaking, it's simply a question of how long can you handle it- a bit like a leaky head gasket. No fun WOT driving....
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    Odd... might be just to hold the no4 plug cap in place???
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    worked out my 1.7 SDi to be getting 48mpg and never above 3k revs - A roads 25mile daily journey, same journey my old 1.9 pd100 polo would get around 55-56mpg. I am running near straight SVO though, and its got a straight through exhaust which I'm hoping to replace for standard or at least put a midbox on.
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    Hel really are the best brake lines out there - happy to say I have been a Hel user for many years. By using all stainless they completely moved the goal posts that the former go-to Goodridge had put up with rusty steel fittings. If you ever need a custom line, go to Hel direct, they make them up to order, whatever length and fittings you require, turn around is good too - seem to recall next day service each time I used them. One question on your front brakes - did you clean out the sliders? and re-grease?
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    The Janspeed rear ‘box isn’t that much louder than the original VW cat back it replaced- in all fairness though, the original centre ‘box did have a hole in it which was only apparent when it was cut off, it was right on top where the MOT testers couldn’t really see it.... I have got some recent video footage of it at idle after warm up which I will try and upload here, it might take me a while though so don’t hold your breath.... Managed to upload it quicker than I thought.... The Janspeed was a bit of an accident, I started asking the seller about postage and ended up buying it.... Martin.
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    hello, this is noob from South Korea. This forum is a only way to know about Lupo to me. Because my lupo gti is an only one in my country(even that was imported from Japan). As you know, korea is not very good culture about car like small and cutie Lupo. And my English is not good also. I really want get number of the parts and your information about lupo....please help me!
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