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  1. If it was a Laser blue one with that mileage than that price would be close to bang on. Remember laser blue there is only 4/5 in the country. (so rarity plays in as factor). There is a red one on ebay at the moment with similar mileage and that is up to 5k already. It was on Gumtree for £6,200 (but i don't think gumtree is where to advertise these days) (https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/VW-Lupo-GTI-1-6-16v/154131766510?hash=item23e2f81cee:g:fnIAAOSwehZfgLw7) Also there has been two Gtis that sold £6500 recently (one was a ex press car with more miles but has the history and had every optio
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