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    Hello all, its been a while since I have been on here. This is my 4th Lupo and 3rd GTI. Some of my previous threads are here: https://forums.clublupo.co.uk/index.php?/topic/100525-greigs-lupo-gti-no2-update-120415/ https://forums.clublupo.co.uk/index.php?/topic/81168-anthracite-gti-update-51211/ https://forums.clublupo.co.uk/index.php?/topic/48801-my-lupo-14-16v/&tab=comments#comment-609854 With the RS4 being expensive to run and wanting to keep it for special occasions (i.e I don't want to sell it after 6 months), I thought I would get a run around. Parking down by the fish markets near Aberdeen for work isn't exactly ideal either for spaces and seagulls, so something that was small and not too worried if I got it covered in **** etc was required. I fancied another Lupo GTI, as I felt it fit the bill, and found this one. I bought it from its second owner, the first being from Aberdeen and owning it 14.5 years in Aberdeen. She sold it to her sister in Perth who used it as a daily from March to about August when I got it. I was really lucky to get to meet the original owner on the day I collected it, who had a whole host of stories about the car, and was kind enough to give me GTI badges from her late husbands mk1/2/3s. Spec wise, it has completely basic and standard, with 103k on the clock. The first owner got everything done at a local VW specialist and I have receipts for everything that was done to the car, including its yearly change from summer to winter wheels! On the way home from Perth: The plan is just to run this until I get bored, but for my short commute and economy and the cars history, I am keen to keep onto it for a while. I do plan to do a few things to tidy it up and modify it slightly, all of which will be reversible for sale if required. Fits perfectly in my space at the house: The worst part of the car for rust was the bootlid, with crust around the handle and flaking/bubbling of the paint on the spoiler. I have therefore got a new freshly painted bootlid to go on, that has no handle, repainted spoiler, new spoiler brake light (which is interesting the same as a T5/6 spoiler brake light) and new GTI badge with sharan VW badge: A couple of other bits and bobs done:- Replaced the heater bulb and fitted a bluetooth headunit from the garage (a bit boy racery but does the job): Fitted an auto light retrofit (not photo'd) - its quite cool - it looks like a mk6 switch, but has a cable and sensor attached for the light. This sensitivity can be controlled by an app on your phone. This allows for the 'take me home lights' like on a mk5 onward. Driver side stubby (from Lithuania) and painted at the same time as the bootlid: I also have an interior coming, which I am chuffed with for the price, and a set of Weitec coilers that I had 'in stock' The car also passed its MOT on Saturday with no advisories which was awesome too!
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    Erm.... guilty I’m afraid- I am responsible for the coil overs (the original suspension was a bit of an unknown quantity and it sat a bit high for my liking) and the aftermarket exhaust, a new genuine VW cat back was way too expensive and I think the Janspeed rear ‘box looks nicer.... Mileage is just over 154000 and a bit Martin.
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