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    So Alva is definitely going in for paint this weekend - transportation is arranged and everything so no backing out now. Lets how respray number 3 is the final one. In the meantime I've been cracking on getting some things done... We got another Polo 6n 16V - purely because I needed an engine mount and the thermostat housing. The car then obviously got abused with the digger - standard at our house. But the main purpose of this was to enable me to finally put the engine in! Had to put in a barn picture with the Guybus in the background Of course, we used the digger again to get the engine in place. FYI - seatbelts are incredibly strong and make very good straps for carrying engines! And it was in - and finally aired down for the first time in about 6 months. Before anyone asks - no its not wired up, that'll be after its back from the bodyshop. So now Alva is sitting pretty in the barn waiting to go for paint Oh and I finally tried on my wheels (only had them about 9 months...) They'll be different to how they are here, but I wanted to gauge how they looked on the car. Safe to say they are going to be epic! Updates from now on may be quite slow - I'm going to keep quite a lot of things hidden but once the car is revealed I'll make sure I back-fill
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