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  1. Hi mate, Effectively yes. I wouldn't change your fuel filter first though. I would run your car for a while on 100% SVO. If it's only ever run on diesel, there should be some nasty crap at the bottom of your fuel tank which veg will pick up and take straight into your fuel filter. Veggie cleans out your lines and tank, so really, you want to ruin your first fuel filter rather than your next one. I decided to start running on veg a few thousand miles before the interval for the fuel filter anyway. I actually didn't notice any drop in performance due to any extra clogging to the filter, so I reckon the filter was already pretty bad, but I noticed when installing a new one that it picked up a little bit. You also want to be able to change your oil by yourself as well, as you should realistically half your interval give or take a few thousand miles really. I'd say anything between 5000 and 7000 miles to be safe otherwise you might suffer from overly high oil pressure due to veg not evaporating through the crankcase, however, it depends how you drive it really. If you don't know already, learn how to change the oil filter (I've done a How To) and always remember to use a reasonable quality Mann filter etc. Don't forget to use cheap fully synthetic oil too. These SDI engines really don't need posh Mobil1 or anything like that, but synthetic is pretty important in my opinion, especially if they're being run on veg oil. I don't recommend the supermarket stuff, but CP4L sell 5 litres of 5w40 fully synthetic for about £13 and I'm pretty sure I've read somewhere that it's just rebranded wholesale Shell oil. I've been running on it for a while. I used to buy Halfords 4 litres in bulk when that went on sale, which is just rebranded Comma, but they've not done it for a while so I'm sticking with CP4L for the time being.
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