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3L doors and bootlids (aluminium!) garage clearout

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For sale: Lupo 3L aluminium doors and bootlids

Hoarding has gone a bit too far and I need room to get a project started.

I have 5 sets of early 3L doors, which means they have manual window winders. Doors come with door cards, grab handles etc. Doors are in good condition but not mint.

  • 1 set in red
  • 1 set in dark green
  • 1 set in light green
  • 1 set in grey
  • 1 set in black

Doors are £75 each, preferrably sold in pairs.
Pics to follow shortly.

Also, I have 3 rare early aluminium bootlids, complete with interior trim, brake light, wiper etc. Even the correct gas struts (for alloy bootlids) are included. Wiring loom is cut off where it exits the bootlid so this needs replacing. Bootlids are otherwise in good condition.

  • 2 in grey
  • 1 in light green

Bootlids are £85 each.
Pics to follow shortly.

Doors and bootlids can be delived en route anywhere between Folkestone/Dover and Derby (M20 - M25 south/westbound - M1 jct 24) early 2018.


p.s. my whatsapp is on 0031 6 48410165

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This is the sort of thing I would consider for our road rally car... Then I realise that any weight savings are pretty much made redundant by the fact MrsHW has to carry 17 stone of me as a navigator...

Good luck with the sale!

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