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  1. Just saying Hi

    Hi welcome to the forum
  2. Cheers from Italy

    Hello and Welcome to the forum. Andrew
  3. HO HEY :)

    What a view. How's Lupo coming on. Andrew
  4. pete for mod.

    How about a Vote
  5. Lupo1.0se's Lupo GTI. Stonor park report.

    The GTI is just awesome and standard too. Well done on all the hard work to get her that way. Andrew
  6. SDI Air Filters... Is It Just Me...?

    This is one job i am now NOT looking forward to doing cheer's
  7. Missing cable

    Any one noticed the astro turf
  8. HI All

    Because girlfriend say's she is Andrew
  9. Lupo picture thread

    Here's mine
  10. HI All

    Hi All I am Andrew and i am from Northallerton Northyorkshire. Just got my little Lupo a week ago and she is a Black 1.7 S SDI