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  1. Andrew1971

    SDI alternator removal - how the heck!?

    The pics of Alternator. I was in a bit of a rush when i did these. Hope it provides the info needed.
  2. Andrew1971

    My little accident with me lupo

    Hi All The lupo i was looking at is a no go (dont ask) So getting mine done is going to take a little longer then expected but it will get done. Now another plan has to thought of. Andrew
  3. Andrew1971

    My little accident with me lupo

    @Rich Thank you that's the info i was looking for. I have my eye on a 1L lupo for the front end. Yes the whole car !!! just for the front end lots of spare 's . Andrew
  4. Andrew1971

    My little accident with me lupo

    @Skezza yes it still works was planning on doing what you said. There's a scrap lupo near York going to find out if the radiator is compatible. Bonnet got a dent in it to a least it should get going again. Andrew
  5. Andrew1971

    My little accident with me lupo

    I thought it felt thick it weighs more than i thought. I hit it harder than i thought. Chers for the link LR5V Andrew
  6. Andrew1971

    My little accident with me lupo

    Yeah alternator back is broken but still works have to tidy the wiring on it and hope they have not been pulled to far. Where is the online parts drawing. I do need quite a few bits. Andrew
  7. Andrew1971

    My little accident with me lupo

    Hi All Thank you for all the replys. An update some pics Lupo with no front. For me the Lupo is a keeper best car i have had. and putting on new front end on is cheaper than getting another car. So question time. 1. is the radiator the same across all models or just SDi 2. the alternator across all models or just SDi 3. would the GTi front end fit if i come ascross one (dont think that would happen.) So next weeks plan is find parts. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/2004-Volkswagen-Lupo-1-7-SDI-S/372487782593?hash=item56ba0080c1:g:VzQAAOSweIlb2e9B:rk:25:pf:0 Heres on for you all same model as mine Do you think the price is right !!! And to make matters a little more harder is i will have to hire a van and Get all parts in one go🙄 because of the finances.
  8. Andrew1971

    My little accident with me lupo

    Hi All Spoke to insurance i was on the phone for about 30ish minutes today. I said it cost 400 to 500 to repair i told them I will do it myself. But had to get it home myself and it cost a grand total of £20. So in the next few days when aching stops i will make a start on it. Andrew
  9. Andrew1971

    My little accident with me lupo

    Hi All Thank you all for the help. Fingers crossed i should be finding out what's happening with me lupo tomorrow. I will let you all know on what happens. I am starting to get a little nervous with what's going on. Andrew
  10. Andrew1971

    My little accident with me lupo

    I hope i can get to keep the lupo. There's not another one like this one. an sdi with just below 55 thousand on the clock. Andrew
  11. Hi all Today I rear ended another car mine came of the worst. And the other car had a tow bar fitted aswell. Do you think It is repairable. Here's some pics of the lupo. I will keep you updated with what goes on. Andrew
  12. Andrew1971

    I joined a new club yesterday...

    My SDI is the opposite just under 54 thou in 19 years. I got her with under 49 thou😀 Andrew
  13. Andrew1971

    hello! 1.7 sdi

    My SDI has got mudflaps too. All four of them😃 Andrew
  14. Andrew1971

    40k SDI?

    Yes there was one in auto trader 18 months ago. Then I got it ☺ Take the blue. Andrew
  15. Andrew1971

    hello! 1.7 sdi

    Hi harley17 Welcome to the forum. How much is your ved (car tax) on your SDI. like the blue too. Andrew

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