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  1. save a fortune and invest in this TDI with the most lusted after accessory aircon as well as brake upgrades, minor fettling but that's part of the fun of owning a Lupo
  2. anyone got a set of GTI alloys they can sell me
  3. battery ok?
  4. that applies to almost every car on the road so doesn't really mean anything, but as a workhorse the TDI models are better at it than most
  5. that's good advice the only alternative I might suggest is 14" vw steel wheels as they seem less prone to going flat
  6. I tend to agree with that sentiment, TDI's for a variety of reasons, fuel economy VED and tunability make a better long term purchase than a GTI
  7. very nice, though I would say a similar car with another 100k on the clock wouldn't put me off if it was similarly well maintained
  8. there's been a long discussion over that one
  9. this has to be a joke
  10. those wheels would be illegal in the UK because of the stones and road debris they flick up, you would need extended arches
  11. the price I've quoted includes taking the box out and putting it back
  12. 3rd gear is the best gear on the TDi 's arsenal and whilst the GTi has less torque I'd expect it to be the same for that unit too, the one you use most for overtaking and its the one who's syncros break, [£500 rebuild]
  13. nicer colour goes a long way as does having a 6th gear
  14. it's a short drive for you go on the Military Road and its fun too
  15. the advert says it has an MOT but the bodywork isn't perfect