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  1. lupo gtis breaking

    I bit rich for me at the moment but I may come back later in the year if you still have them
  2. lupo gtis breaking

    did I see a set of 15" steel wheels
  3. 4WD Lupo Conversion

    nothing really but in that link he's really cut away at the rear bumper quite drastically
  4. 4WD Lupo Conversion

    phenomenal output, no room for a towbar at the back though which is a shame as it could pull a tank
  5. Opinions/Info required on value

    I regret selling my Mk 16v Scirocco GTX but having driven a Lupo GTI I wasn't impressed; deep breaths, calm yourself
  6. Lupo engine swap

    its daft because with better brakes you can push your car much further towards its limits, with or without any better engine fitted
  7. Opinions/Info required on value

    not colour co-ordinated but does the job
  8. Lupo engine swap

    I am but he wants to create a GTi, minimum is bigger front brakes and consequentially bigger wheels too
  9. Lupo engine swap

    brakes, front and rear
  10. Lupo engine swap

    Its a bit like the story where a traveller asks the farmer how to get to a particular place and the farmer says "Well I wouldn't start from here if I were you" Best way is to buy a GTI, 2nd best is buy a Sport 100bhp model and fit a GTI engine or perhaps easier just a GTI crankshaft and pistons
  11. Opinions/Info required on value

    which one would that be
  12. Opinions/Info required on value

    My youngest son plans on putting a roof box on his Arosa TDI, love the colour co-ordination. Eriba caravans are well made but very heavy compared to the t@b efforts both German though
  13. Opinions/Info required on value

    The t@b caravan is cool almost a cult
  14. Opinions/Info required on value

    Sadly we live in a land of foodbanks and gross inequality between rich and poor, whilst cars can be cheap to buy, taxing, insuring, fuelling and maintaining them costs money. Another good reason for having a towbar on a GTI would be to help the front rear weight balance...
  15. Opinions/Info required on value

    if it's the only vehicle you have then yes not everyone can afford a range of cars and use one for each purpose