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  1. Welcome to the forum and ignore the above comment from Rich, he means well but I suspect he doesn't understand the cultural differences between Portugal and Spain.
  2. We'll need to charge for membership when we get to that stage or perhaps have various tiers of membership, the parts issues will come, I get the sense that at the end of the next 5 years the only cars left running will be SDi's, TDi's and GTi's.
  3. I'd buy the rear door and spoiler
  4. I think its more likely synchros and a £500 rebuild so it needs to be cheap
  5. too far away for me to contemplate, needs minor but expensive repair for an MOT but the killer is the gearbox, nice colour though, might be worth a punt to someone
  6. they might be the same box but the ratios differ
  7. got the long pipe from my local scrappy for £10 all good until I check on my car and see there's an electrical [abs?] connector plumbed in which the one I've bought doesn't have, don't fancy tapping into the replacement so its another ring round
  8. not the right bits though so it needs to come off to identify where its leaking from looks like the feed from the right side onto the steering rack unit [the non reservoir side]
  9. That was done famously in a Twin Peaks racing Scirocco
  10. do you recall the rear engined Golf with a W12 motor fitted, it featured on Top Gear, you'll have the same handling problems, the chassis is too short
  11. I've ordered a brand new set [2 pipes] off ebay for £31 freepost
  12. thanks that's useful
  13. I've just bought another Lupo, for my daughter, her current car a 1.4 16v se Lupo is close to death, gearbox, tyres, passenger door all need fixing/replacing. The car I've bought is the back to basics 1 litre no electric windows, no central locking, but everything works bar the power steering, [needs a replacement pipe] but I was surprised how easy it was to drive without the assistance but I suppose the aluminium block helps somewhat. I've sourced two power steering pipes from ebay, what I wanted to ask is should I try to do it myself or pay a garage for the hard is it?
  14. no the cover you need to worry about are around the cambelt [and in white] it seems to be there
  15. age of the car regarding road tax would be the most important thing about this vehicle, the mileage is barely relevant