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  1. musho007

    2005 Lupo Gti 64k. Black

    Make: VW Model: Lupo Gti MOT: Nov 17 TAX: Engine size: 1.6 Fuel type: Petrol Description including modifications: Completely Standard unmodified 2005 Gti for sale. Full Service History. Cambelt kit and waterpump just done @64k. Full service done @64k. New Uniroyal rainsport 3's @64k. (All 4 replaced) New Radio. New Battery. Anything that needed doing was done. Location: Surrey Images: For more Images and Full advert: http://www.gmscars.co.uk/vw_lupo_1.6_gti_black.html Price: £5995
  2. musho007

    Gear Knob/Gaiter Replacement 6 speed

    How much is it? I cant get in as its account only
  3. musho007

    Gear Knob/Gaiter Replacement 6 speed

    Theyre out of stock at the minute. But the Oem ones arent leather either. I can get the leather gaiter but I want to keep the car as original as possible. These look like the original to me?
  4. musho007

    Gear Knob/Gaiter Replacement 6 speed

    Thanks mate.. Only seeing this now!
  5. musho007

    Aerial Replacment advice

    Ive got a perished rubber seal at the base of the aerial. Im wondering where do I get this part and if anyone has purchased one of the replacments from Ebay.. Thanks Oisin
  6. musho007

    Pedal box

    theres a chap on one of the lupo facebook groups that has a pedal box for sale. if interested ill give you the details.
  7. musho007

    Speedo replacment help

    Hi.. Wodering if these clocks will work on my lupo gti? http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/VW-POLO-MK5-6N2-GTI-CHROME-BOSCH-SPEEDO-CLOCK-CLUSTER-POD-UNIT-6N0-920-904-K-/371587163301?hash=item56845224a5:g:OO0AAOSwY45UT6HA thanks Oisin
  8. Thanks mate. its off a 26000 miles car 2002 so should be a good one
  9. So I got a steering rack. part number 6N2 422 061B... And not 6N2 422 061C does anyone know if this will work. Supplier said it was for the lupo gti.
  10. musho007

    GTI Wanted cash waiting

    Ive got three Gtis for sale. All 2005 6 speeds. A black one A Red one A sliver one. PM me for details
  11. Thanks mate. The code you gave me 6N2 423 061 CX was the 3 a typo? I got the following code 6N2 422 061CX Im also getting 6N2 422 061 E and 6N2 422 051C as gti racks....
  12. rich do you know if the 5 speed steering rack is different to the 6 speed steering racck? I ordering one and it is coming from abroad and I kinda need the right part. Was hoping youd know. P.S. Tie rods are coming with the rack
  13. musho007

    Lupo GTi 1.8T - Flash Red

    need a set of clocks and a steering rack