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  1. Hakster's Silver GTi - OEM+

    thanks guys!
  2. Hakster's Silver GTi - OEM+

    Sad times The car has been sold, to a good guy who will look after her. Off to New Zealand for a year now, thanks everyone for all the lovely comments in the past.
  3. Hakster's Silver GTi - OEM+

    Advert updated: http://www.pistonheads.com/classifieds/used-cars/volkswagen/lupo/vw-lupo-gti-2003--full-spec--highest-standard/1628373 £4.5k as standard, £5.5k with all extras
  4. Hakster's Silver GTi - OEM+

    I'd rather someone else enjoyed it than it be sat in a garage for a year.
  5. Hakster's Silver GTi - OEM+

    For sale now on pistonheads, absolute steal if you ask me... http://www.pistonheads.com/classifieds/used-cars/volkswagen/lupo/vw-lupo-gti-125bhp-2003--full-spec--highest-standard/1628373
  6. Hakster's Silver GTi - OEM+

    Thanks mate
  7. Hakster's Silver GTi - OEM+

    Looks like its going to be that way mate. Will be a joy to come back to after a year away.
  8. Hakster's Silver GTi - OEM+

    Posted an eBay at at quite a high price, loads of watchers but no real interest. It will be in storage for now.
  9. Great photos, looks perfect!
  10. Clayton's Tornado Red GTI.. Recaro Pole Positions In!

    Looks stunning. Better mind that front now!
  11. Had a little race, you had a passenger so it wasn't fair on you. Not seen mine before, you must not be on the forum. Show yourself.
  12. Hakster's Silver GTi - OEM+

    I've had a change of heart and am now thinking I should sell before I leave (leaving it a bit tight now). Should I split and sell parts or sell as a whole? What price would I be looking at with both options? Car has just under 90k on the clock. Hakan
  13. Hakster's Silver GTi - OEM+

    I might take you up on that Cheers Pete, really appreciate the kind words Haha