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  3. Details please Michael price history ect
  4. Hi oal what price you asking details history ect any pictures 

  5. Don't know if my upload is going to work not done it before but this should help too, although don't take autodata as gospel Bam 1 Bam 2 Bam 3 Bam 4 Bam 5 Bam 6 Bam 7 Bam 8 The pictures are huge so you'll have to do some zooming and scrolling and the last 3 your likely not going to need, I didn't
  6. I'm putting my VW Lupo SDI Sky Blue up for sale. Anyone know what It might be worth?
  7. Probably say its worth around 7 grand. Though as there are so few it's pretty difficult to compare it! You've got yourself a gem!
  8. So what do you think would be a fair price for this car in your opinion? it’s 2005 55 - laser blue , 60k , 1 previous owner bodywork is 100% no rust no dink’s no dents etc Full services history Be good to know what people think about the true value of this car 😊
  9. Are you going to carry on the petrol tradition?
  10. Nice. How much did you pay? -only to see where the market is for gtis at the mo...
  11. Just picked up this little gem today . I’ve owned two gti’s before - raven blue and red So pleased with the new our purchase Superb condition and the history with the car is like I’ve never seen before . I’ve never been given a box that includes every petrol receipt for the car definitely one to keep hold of 🤗
  12. I got my steering wheel back from Royal Steering Wheels today, safe to say it looks perfect, absolutely spot on retrim! Highly recommend them, communication is spot on also!
  13. https://xtrons.co.uk/double-din-android-8-0-te706pl-1 Get this one or https://www.eonon.co.uk/Android-Car-Stereo/2-Din-Car-Stereo/Brand-New-Android-8-4G-RAM-Octa-core-32G-ROM-Spli-Screen-DSP-features-with-fully-digital-processing-chip-from-ADI.html Quality is fine. Xtrons are probably the best hence more expensive than the competition. Eonon is okay. Fit like any other double din. Startup times almost instant assuming you have it wired in correctly. I've owned two Xtrons, very happy with both. Don't get the Pie versions, they're actually newer hardware but spec'd much lower than the PX5.
  14. I didn't mind the 1.4 MK4, Alex who has it now also likes it.
  15. Has anybody installed an android double din headunit? What's the quality like? Do they fit well? What's the startup times? Been looking at something like this: https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F113715283582 Lots of features and cheaper than branded versions. Any reviews?
  16. 1.4 Petrol 75 BHP 0-60 13.6 seconds 41 MPG Insurance Gp 9 VED £160 - £200 Arguably one of the worst spec petrol cars ever made?
  17. mk2

    Money to burn?

    God yeah. Forgot that there was a 1.4! OMG. Yes i only use it for long comfy "road trips". They ARE a very comfy car...
  18. mk2

    Change gear ratios...

    More research... have found out that all the following cars used the same basic 085 gearbox internals, some with 5 speed some only 4. All the same shafts which is nice: VOLKSWAGEN: POLO MK1, MK2, MK3 1.0 (1995-2001), 1.05 (1985-1996), 1.3 (1982-1995), 1.3 COUPE (1985-1990), 1.3 COUPE GT (1982-1987), 1.4 (1996-2001), 1.6 (1994-1999), 1.6 16V (1998-1999) GTI 1.6 16V (1999-2001), 1.3 D (1986-1990), 1. 4D (1990-1994), 1.4 TDI (1999-2001), 1.7 SDI (1997-2001), 1.9 D, SDI, TDI (1995-2001). VOLKSWAGEN: LUPO 1.0 (1998-2005), 1.4 (2001-2005), 1.4 16V (1998-2004), 1.2 TDI (1999-2005). VOLKSWAGEN: VENTO 1.4 (1991-1995), 1.6 (1991-1994). VOLKSWAGEN: CADDY 1.4 (1995-2004), 1.6 (1995-2004). VOLKSWAGEN: JETTA 1. 3 (1985-1992). VOLKSWAGEN: GOLF MK2 1.3 (1987-1992) / GOLF MK3 1.4 (1991-1999), 1.6 (1992-1994). AUDI - A2 1.2 TDi (2000-2005). so now it's mix and match time. My quest continues.
  19. Because you'd be lucky to get 500 quid for it and they're kind of comfy? Imagine what the 1.4 is like.....
  20. mk2

    Money to burn?

    With a tail wind. What a rubbish car. Terrible engine design. Why do i still have it...
  21. Doing 45 in 5th gear for 100 miles?
  22. mk2

    Money to burn?

    This is depressing. back to MPG... i once got 51mpg from my mk 4 golf 1.6 8 valve 👍🏻
  23. The Govt has made binding CO2 commitments, and far from being harmless it is driving up the worlds temperatures acidifying our oceans and making the possibilities of releasing stored CO2 in Peat Bogs and Tundra very likely. When that happens the temperature runs away! If we were able to halt all CO2 emissions today then you are correct the planet could accommodate to elevated CO2 but given we are destroying rainforests the planet's ability to repair is impaired already. I don't see it working at all. The whole world planet is changing at an unprecedented rate.
  24. It's not about CO2 anymore though is it? It's about NOx. CO2 is actually harmless to humans, it's harmful to the environment. NOx is harmful to humans and the environment. We knew this 20+ years ago, hence why the way diesels have been handled by HM Gov is shameful in my opinion.
  25. The cheek of it, given the pollution from 24 hours a day lorries and Aircraft. They can't get close to their CO2 commitment if they do that, petrol cars are up to twice as thirsty
  26. 40 would be nice. But I don't like 1.8t therefore it isn't in there.
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