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The 1.8t build has begun aaarrrggghhh

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Lupo is finally alive and drove it about 20metres to put in a different spot at work! Yippee just need to figure out oil pressure warning light, wiring checks out good so thinking maybe faulty instrument cluster

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well I have got all the diagrams I need but am just having issues finding things like

ecu switched live



how did you go about adding the 1.8t loom?? did you add it to the lupo loom by making a connecting plug to the exsisting plugs and just added the t14, t10, t6 plug wires to the lupo loom and did not remove it from the car??

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Ecu switched live is a constant cranking live but i found that most of them are constant ignition lives.

Ect I fitted lupo temp sensor and swapped pins around in connector

Rpm I have ecu pin for the rev counter is 37, goes to the orange plug pin 9. for the speedo that comes straight from the speedo sender on the box and goes to the clocks via the 14 pin plug pin 3.

unless you mean the ecu VSS feed? if so thats ecu pin 54 and goes to the orange plug pin 6. it wont work though unless you have/fit an MFA cluster and pop a pin into the 6 pin plug on the back of the clocks for it into pin 6. very rare for a mk1 to have this pin only runout cab have

i wouldnt tap into the lupo clock harness, rather add the lupo engine loom plugs onto the 20v loom so it plugs in without having to splice. see my sig 6x1basicequipment for a lupo diagram, and 6x1xxxecu.pdf for the engine specific bits

so looking at the aub ecu diagram the speedo wire comes to T14 plug in engine bay pin 13, then to T10b black plug inside car pin 3

revo goes to t10d red pin 8

vss to t10c blue pin 9

oil pressure t14 pin 9 in bay, t10d pin 6 inside car

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I laid 1.8t loom out in engine bay and cut off the excess amounts due to size of engine bay then just soldered them into the lupo loom, you could run it back to the multi coloured connectors but I didn't think about that till after I'd chopped

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So your saying am best laying the looms side by side and adding the 1.8t loom to the polo loom plugs so it's a straight plug in situation at the fuse box yh??

So pull the wires from my polo ecu plug and add them to the t14 t10 t6 and so on and then what others are needed add them to the other plugs and dash feeds sensors and I should see power in the at correct??

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Good luck! Just take your time. A good thing I found was to find engine related fuses in your interior fusebox and make a note of them for future reference. I think you only need to join approx 6 wires for it to run

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Interior will be a job for when it's back at home.

Just bought some cheap coil overs until I can afford a decent set,wack them on in work and then bring her home to do the boring interior rebuild.

Got some knocking from ns driveshaft, think I cut it a bit to short or could just be the cv joint

What a tool though

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The car mate, what a tool it's going to be for winding up lots of people in there posh expensive cars, especially the old boys with there mercs,porsches etc and a fit 20year old blonde sat in the passenger seat!

What a picture there faces are going to be!! ?

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