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VW lupo 1.4 to 1.6 gti conversion


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Hello i have finally decided to go out and buy a doner car as i got a little aggy with keep going through gearboxes haha, pretty much hoping this will be a straight forward remove engine and put the new one in, The lupo is a 1999 1.4s (75bhp) doner car is a Polo gti 2001, it's a cat b write off rear end shunt, apart from that everything is immaculate, all wheels interior, engine/box, got it at a bargain aswell as i know what the engines go for!

Plan for it is to get everything off of the polo and either on to the lupo or sold.

To do list:

refit gti engine, box and wiring

gti brakes all round

ashley 4-1 decat manifold for the 1.4 sport

swap all interior

either make a custom center exit or side exit exhaust

source some lupo gti light weight wings/door (bonnet if they have a light weight ones??)

8/8.5mm HT leads


Poly bush everything

Strut Braces

Induction Kit

Cold air feeds to front brakes

Yellow headlights and indicators

Hoping it comes out well, and in the future either a turbo, supercharger or throttle bodies.

Have a few questions also,

1) Best set of cams?

2) Best option out of the turbo, supercharger or throttle bodies?

3) Best manifolds? Ashley for the 1.4 sport?

4) Lupo GTI light weight bonnet?

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interesting topic i will be keeping an eye on this

1)as far as your questions i would of thought ken cams

2) depends on what your willing to spend etc, Throttle bodies would be the most stable option.

3) Unsure

4) could you get a fibre glass or carbon fibre one?

Got the engine out today with a few other bits, hoping to get it bolted in tomorrow! :) gonna have to take a deeper look at the polo gear linkage and see it if will go on to the loop with a little modification but a lot of things are possible haha, as for manifolds I'm going to opt for the ashley competition for the 1.4 sport as it means less exhaust to make haha, thinking about having a little side exit? And as for bonnets I really didn't think of that option haha, I'll defo look into a carbon fibre one, got a little theme going on with it now as I have the gti seats and belts, going to invest in some red heat wrap and get the wheels painted in a candy red or something similar haha, Thanks buddy!!

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Going to have to swap the pedal boxes over, and pretty much rewire the entire car, got the engine back in today the dog leg mount is twisted and need a new bolt haha, put the gti wheels on today and looks like I need to out some spacers on there haha going to get the rest of the wiring and all the clocks and stuff next Saturday hopefully then start to get it all wired in next week :)

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