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Ive got a set of 14 inch BBS RZ wheels on my Arosa (BMW E30 wheels), and ive been searching for weeks for centre caps. They are ridiculously expensive!

Ive seen some posts saying that the centre caps from other models will fit too? But i dont know for sure. Has anyone else got these wheels? or had this problem before? Ive been looking on ebay and have found these at the moment which are way cheaper than what I normally see..



Heres a pic of my wheel..


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i have no idea mate.. and just to add confusion. Not only are there different sizes.. Theres different materials too!, they come in plastic and metal.. I dont even know where to look anymore lol

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tbh they still look great without centre caps, its just a better feeling having them though lol.. I wouldn't sell them because I know their value will increase over time

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I have the same wheels with a full set of centrecaps.

the top ebay link you posted are not genuine, the clip is completely wrong, they might fit and look ok but then its the fact they arent the real thing.

Cant tell about the second link because there is only one picture, you could always ask the guy for some more pictures though.

the ones you want look like this




Some of the clips are broken but you get the idea

The "nut" twists and that causes the clips on the back to be pushed outwards which is what locks them onto the wheel. then just twist back to unlock and pull to get off.

The ones i have are metal and the nut is plastic, i do think that you can buy metal nuts but if you can then they will be expensive..

Hope this helps in any way...


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