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Ok, i've had this issue for a while, right window stopped working and I only hear the switches clicking - both mine and the other one - what i don't know is what should i change, regulator only or the motor as well?

What sign is the clicking noise, means that the motor is working?

Need help, please.

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mine was doing this for a while when I first had it . it you get to the motor the two thickest wires to it are the motor wires , get a probe tester and give positive feed to operate the motor. at least you will know if its the motor. the mechanism usually fails as the plastic cog wears or the cable looses its lubrication and sticks . if examining the mechanism it looks in good condition , take it apart and fill all the moving areas with loads of lubrication grease. This will also give another chance t test the motor with probe tested independant of the mechanism.

if the motor works and mechanism looks ok and moved freely 9/10 it will work fine. Did ths with moth of mine and there both perfect now , when i had the car the pass side didnt work and the drivers side was sticky.

it all depeds how able and confident you are in your skills. good luck....

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stick the key in the door handle and open the car but hold the key in the open position, if the window opens, its not the regulator or motor, most likely the switch.

you can take the switches apart and clean them as per http://forums.clublupo.co.uk/index.php?/topic/54563-how-to-mend-half-working-electric-window-switches/

if the window stays up,

  • check the fuse
  • check all the wiring to the motor for breaks, kinks etc
  • check the regulator wire is in cogs securley
  • see if you can bench test the motor
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