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How to mend half-working electric window switches.

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Right then first of all read this thread here on how to take the upper door cards off. (Nice one Tigz/Rookwise)

Just a quick point tho, I couldn't get the door lock pin plastic off mine, but it just slid out the bottom and wasn't any harder... probably easier as you don't have to mess around taking it off and putting it on again after.

Any way, first unplug the wires connecting the LED near the door pin, the switches (there are three wiring blocks connecting to the door panel) and the door release cable.

Then with the panel off push the little clips on the CL/window switch surround in and the whole unit comes out without any fuss. (this was when i decided i should make a how to so pictures started just now)


Right, now to take the individual offending switch out of the larger unit.

Use a small flat bladed screw driver where the red indicates on the small tab areas, there are four per switch.


Here from above.


Be careful it is quite awkward to ease it out without breaking it. I slightly damaged the plastic housing but only cosmetically and you wont see it when its back in the car.

Now you have the switch out. The next stage is separating the switch in two.

The areas indicated by red are much the same to how you eased the switch from the larger unit, only its much tighter. again there are four, two on each side.

The picture below shows what the switch looks like, when its just come apart.


Be careful when pulling the switch completely apart now as the inners tend to ping out, just make sure you know where they go.


Its the four round plate looking parts that can ping out, two did when I got to this stage, but i put them back where they belong just so people know.

I cleaned up inside the plastic housing on the left and dried that out.

I then gently pulled the circuit board from the plastic part which makes its plug/socket. The area between was also stained and dirty from corrosion.


Again just wipe clean and dry thoroughly.

Now heres what is stopping your switch from working.

Remove the four disk shaped pieces from the circuit board, they just fall off if you turn the board upside down. This is what you should now have.


Clean all of the dirt/corrosion off the circuits and the disk shaped pieces, paying particular attention to the areas indicated with red.


I put the disks in cola for half an hour then rubbed them clean with kitchen towel then dried. The circuit board i brushed with kitchen towel to get the heavier dirt off then dipped a tiny bit of cola on with kitchen towel and rubbed clean, it will take some time to get the connections looking clean/shiny again without damaging the circuit board but thats what were after so stick at it :)

This is what you should be left with after cleaning.


Put the plastic part (that makes the circuit boards plug/socket) back onto the circuit board, the pins will only go in one way so you cant mess that up.

Put the disks back onto the circuit board


Put everything back together how you took it apart, almost everything clicked when it went back together, don't worry you haven't broken anything :P

Congratulations you've just mended your window switch and saved yourself a trip to the stealer's and £12 iirc.



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