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Hi guys, just introducing myself as i am new here. After looking through everyone else's i thought id finally post some pics. Anyway i have got myself a 1.4s in good condition in storm grey with exceptionally low mileage, just 17000, 04 plate with a couple of minor marks. For now i have just made some minor mods to start with. such as de badged rear, stubby aerial and pressed plates. Hopefully going to get some coilovers in a few months and then go from there.


After a wash and wax i decided to blitz the interior.



Stripped back my rusty drums and painted them black. :thumbup: Apologies for the super dirty arch liners they are next on my list.




Also painted my rusty steels. :thumbsup:


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Just thought, this would look sweet with the black interior, but I'm now a fan of the grey, grey is less common, and yeah very rare, I know of another two sets but that's it!

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It's been ages since i last posted so here are some updates....

A few weeks ago i managed to get some coilovers for the car to get it sitting nice, but never got around to fitting them. So after a while i managed to get some free time to get them on the car.

still got loads of plans for the car but funding is putting them back a little. Here are some photos as it currently stands.






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So after many hours of playing with small adjustments to get it sitting just right i am almost there. I just need to lower the front a bit more to balance it out as after taking the adjusters out the back sits real nice and low :surprised: . Just need to get of the shitty steel wheels and find some nice wheels. Also as you can tell i had a massive cleaning session on the loop, getting it waxed to a near mirror finish :shades: also just waiting on getting my front bumper resprayed as someone managed to reverse into me whilst i was parked up :rant:

sorry about the photo spamage haha


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