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Duds` Black Lupo TDi

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I`ve been a member on here for a while even though this is actually my first post I think! I've been looking for a black TDi with A/C for aaaaaaaaages. Well..... I finally found one!

Spec is Gloss Black 2001 Lupo Sport TDi 93,000 miles with FSH

+ factory options of

- aircon

- full leather

- heated front seats

- 6 disc changer

- 14" Starlite Alloys

I`ve totally fallen in love with it already! Ive got 360miles from my first tank of £40 with mixed driving which I think is pretty mega, my Bora TDi130 would only give 280. Its a bit rolley polley throuh the twisties & could do with a bit more oompff too but I have plans to fix this :-)

I`ve built the car in my head a few times already so planned future mods are;

Remove side strips

Cambelt & Oil change

G60 15" Steels with Wheels trims (winter set-up)

Full paint detail.

Aero Wipers

De-wiper rear

-40mm, maybe -60mm springs & sports/shorter dampers

Whiteline rear ARB

280mm front brake upgrade, GTi Pads/G60 carriers

De-cat, + straight through silencers

BMC panel filter

Allard EGR blank

Custom Remap

Faux Suede Black headlining

All grey interior trim changed to black

Double-din head unit

Front speaker up-grade & rear 6x9s

Black leather Mk4 Heated front Recaros

Re-trimmed rear seats to match

Cruise Control

Detatchable tow bar

*Maybe VNT turbo from ATL Audi A2 Engine, depends how it goes after a remap

*Maybe JDD gearbox from Polo Bluemotion (longer 3rd/4th/5th ratios)

Fix issues;

Central locking doesnt work from drivers side lock & interior light does not come on when drivers door is opened so I think I will try a new door lock actuator and see if that fixes the issue.

Pics below of when I bought it. Ive got 2 weeks off over Christmas so hopefully get stuck into the mods :-)





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