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mud flap moron

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im having a brain fart of sorts....and cant believe i'm asking

got some mud flaps (oem)

I was assuming fitting them would be a case of removing the arch liner, slotting in-between plastic bumper and arch liner, screwing back up?

the top part of the mud flap has a sort of lip, I cant seem to locate that correctly? it doesn't seem to have any where to go

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I think it goes like this

The front mud flaps should have a little slot at the bottom of them to fit over the sill. They do however need different arch liners (I think) because the original ones come up infront of the sill which means the mudflap won't sit properly.

You could just cut the old arch liner to make it fit.

The mudflaps sit on top of the arch liner and only have like 2-3 screws holding them on.

The little tab at the top should have a metal clip. Un clip it, then place the tab on top of the liner and push into the arch itself (if they aren't rolled) then the metal clip should slot onto the plastic tab making it so it cannot undo.

If you have rear ones. They are pretty straight forward as they only need to tuck under the bumper and screwed in place

Hope it helps pal

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