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radio cut out !!!!! HELP !!!!!

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Hi guy and girls really need some help here ..

I was sat a college today listening to music and my mate kicked the dash board

its an after market radio and it just cut out .. I have been through the fuses and it had blown I swapped it over but the radio still didn't work I tryed a different head unit in the car and that didn't work .. i tryed both in another car and they worked fine so i grabbed the multi meter and checked the connections...

i have 2 12v live feeds coming to it (should i ??) but it seems i have no switched 12v for some reason .

it would be great if someone could help... Thanks

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your mate kicked the dash?

Anyway, you should have one permanent live and one switched live... I don't think you should have two permanent live feeds no, unless the previous owner bodged it to run on permanent live.

Do you have an OEM radio to test with, you could start again and work your way back to fitting your aftermarket although it does sound like it's a short.

I have to be honest, I think it's strange that something like kicking the dash would cause this. How hard did he kick it?

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I've just had a thought. You say the radio cuts out. Have you tried plugging the radio in your car then powering it from a battery, or power pack or in another car...

Almost all modern radios have a 0.5amp internal polyfuse on the accessory line to prevent major damage. Polyfuses take time to reset though, so if you wire it into another car, or battery, after putting it in your car, then you can narrow down from their where the technical fault originates.

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