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Hi Guys,

My 1.4 T reg Lupo just failed its MOT on emmisions, Here are the results, if anyone can point me where to start that would be brilliant. it is also burning oil so thinking possibly head gasket? or could it be the lambda sensor making it burn oil?

Fast Idle:

CO =< 0.3% 0.70% FAIL

HC =< 200 ppm 345 ppm FAIL

Lambda 0.97 - 1.03 1.059 FAIL

Second Fast Idle again FAILED on the same sort of figures but it PASSED on Natural Idle test.

As I say any help appriciated!

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What the hell are those two posts above??

anyway, yer that sounds like a plan, i was thinking redex also, is that almost the same stuff?

EDIT turns out was spam, nice one moderators on getting it removed so quick

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I've never heard of redex working tbh. But I can say from my personal experience that Cataclean worked. It also worked on my mates 1992 bmw e34, his emissions were 3.4% or so, and the cataclean made the reading almost zilch, so whats why I was recommeded it.

If you do decide to use cataclean, I think it's one bottle for quarter of a tank, but using it and a nice long drive will help.

You could even find just some country lanes and ragging it will clear it, usualy just driving around sensiblely causes more build ups :(

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my Lupo failed on Monday, emissions similar to yours, cataclean added to quarter of a tank of petrol, then off for a thrash.

Used the fuel and called back for my re test, emissions the same, however if the throttle was held at 2500 rpm a steady plume of blue smoke was present, needless to say failed!

My car is now booked for new rings, or more like a full recondition at CMA in Sandycroft next week.

1.4 16valve with 121000 miles on it.

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