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HOW TO: Lupo headlight bulbs (non-GTI)

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This one's for Skezza ;)

Ok, this isn't that complicated really, it's one of those that's easy when you know how I guess.

Start with the driver's side - there's more room, & when you come to do the passenger side the battery gets in the way so you're working largely by feel so it's good to know what you're doing. Even if you only need to change the passenger side, it's worth a couple of mins spent practicing on the driver's side imo.

Pop your bonnet & peer behind your headlamp & this is what you'll see:


Actually it doesn't look like mine was on properly :blush:

Anyway, first off you'll need to pull the metal clip up


This will allow you to pull the cover out. It's tight but give it a good wiggle & you'll be reet.


Now the headlamp bulb is held in by another set of clips either side


Pinch these in (i.e. towards each other) & pull out the bulb. Stick the new one in, pinching the clips then releasing them so they sit back on the lugs as above.

Then stick the cover back on. These lugs...


...go into these holes...


Slot them in first (this is what I hadn't done this properly before!) then push the cover back in place & push the metal clip down.

Now move to the passenger side and prepare for some swearing :lol:

Hope this helps :wave:

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