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BMW Z4 M Coupe

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Decided to make a few upgrades to the M.

Did a lot of research on the forums and the main improvements to be had for my budget were Vibratech engine mounts. Rogue rear top mounts and Rogue rear trailing arm bushes. I also installed a Gruppe M induction kit was sounds pretty fantastic. Video below. Lastly I had a geo done and it's now purrrrrfect

The engine mounts have really helped the gear change. I went for road but they also do a race mount. Lovely engineered item and felt the difference immediately.



The cost of motoring in the M has been surprisingly cheap. The car insurance is only £280 and I'm getting 27mpg consistently with mixed driving.

Gruppe M install looks like this, not got a picture fitted on my car but a nice quality bit of kit.


Tyres too have been pretty good with 39k miles out of the fronts and around 12k- 16k on the rears - switched to good years asymmetric 2. Rears are £180 which isn't bad considering they are fat buggers. Grip in wet and dry both very impressive.

Tax is now £500 but with savings else where I can swallow that.

Brystone BMW specialist have been looking after the car and I have switched to yearly servicing rather than waiting 15k for an oil change.


I use a 3 series touring 2.0D for the bulk of my driving so getting in the Z still feels special. I did some research and there are only 10 in te country this colour and none of the others have red seats so it's a rear one off!

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