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lamin-x headlights

dubber dude

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Fairly recent MOT rules state that all tinting of headlights using spray or film is an MOT failure (as far as I'm aware).

However, most garages aren't that up to date. Atleast, not as up to date as they should be. And most will let it slide if you're lucky because let's face it, you'll only peel it off and reapply after so..

Police won't care. I know loads of people murdered out with everything, or with yellow tints. You MAY get a lecture about light output but don't be a dick, take it on the chin and you'll be alright

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Thanks guys answered my questions and they cant say much about the lights i have xenon lights and people think i have them on main beam all the time haha

Cheers once again for answering my questions:D

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